Travel Vlog: Penang, Malaysia Part3 Kek Lok Si – Kuan Yin Temples (Photos + Video)

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Travel Vlog: Penang, Malaysia Part3 Kek Lok Si – Kuan Yin Temples (Photos + Video)

Another update for my Penang trip! One more blogpost to go and I’m done showing and giving you guys a virtual tour in Penang Malaysia! CLICK ME to see the previous blogposts so you won’t miss it! CLICK ME to watch my Travel Vlogs on youtube! Pls. Do remember and don’t be shy to leave a comment below if you have any questions about Penang!


The Temples are indeed beautiful. Thought it was that scary climbing up and see the whole place, but ended up and got lucky that there is elevator going up the highest temple. On your way to the temples, You’ll see this pond of turtles! They are way so cuter than just watching my video below. The place is picture perfect anywhere you look! They kept it really beautiful!

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As you all know, if you guys have read my previous blogposts about Penang, We didn’t have any car in Malaysia so the easiest way that we thought is to get the HOHO bus hopon-hopoff bus that covers all the places that you must see in Penang, except those wall arts and caricatures. You have to go down one time nad walk through it and take photos!

CLICK the Photos below to see the LARGER Version of the images! Enjoy!



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