#OOTD: Violet or Blue?

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#OOTD: Violet

So many things happened this past few days/weeks. RIP Prince #purplerain and Beyonce’s Lemonade. My family joined the #walkforautism here in Dubai held in Zabeel Park. First Time to come there and the Park was awesome.

Too Bad they only allowed small bikes for kids & scooters (although, they have big bikes/rides for rent in the park) It would’ve been the most perfect place to enjoy friends & family weekends. Definitely coming back soon for a family picnic day.

#ootd: violet lookbook

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I feel that I’ve been so busy & super tired even though I’m not really doing much haha Just Blogging, Photo & video Edits & simple house-chores. My daughter & I are getting really busy with school homework specially final exams are coming this May. Hopefully everything will turn out good! Just need to review more and memorise haha. More Maths & Spelling for her.

#ootd: violet lookbook

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#ootd: violet lookbook

#ootd: violet lookbook

Other than those things I’ve said above, Nothing really is happening haha Oh! The Jollibee in Dubai just opened couple of weeks ago and just walking distance to my house haha If you’re a Filipino, Sure you know how happy and excited I am to have it just walking distance to me, I can just have it anytime of the day Yazz! =D Cravings Satisfied every weekend!

#ootd: violet lookbook

Anyways, Let me tell you about this blouse that Zalora Malaysia sent to me last Christmas (2015). I am just confused AF! haha I might be colour blind or whatever haha But the tag says that it is colour Navy. When I started taking photos and checking it, I didn’t really noticed the colour at all. Until I have to think what Title to use for this #OOTD. Somehow it looks more Violet to me than Navy Blue. Thought at first, it is Purple-Blue~ish colour hahaha and So I ended up Calling this #OOTD: Violet since the blouse looks more violet in the video and for me =D It kinda look blue, but violet, Yeah… sure i’m still not over it at all =D

#ootd: violet lookbook

Let me know if which colour can you see a NAVY – Blue – Purple-Blue or Violet colour hahaha yeah I’m still confused like that hahaha Hope you guys like this simple casual/everyday look for today! have a nice day everyone! x0~ Till next Lookbook!


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16 thoughts on “#OOTD: Violet or Blue?

  1. Lovely top – I may describe the top as cobalt blue or violet. It’s definitely not navy blue. Love the shoes too!

  2. You’re so pretty! Love your style, I think for me it’s violet I wish I’m not color blind again lol.

  3. Looking lovely as awalys! And oh, don’t raid that Jolibee store daily! but yeah, quite hard to resist no?

  4. Your outfit was so gorgeous, such a nice color for this spring time. It so pretty in you.! Love the top.

  5. Yep, a lot has been happening lately indeed. It’s nice to keep yourself busy with life too, from time to time. Congratulations on having Jollibee there, lol. I’m sure it makes your weekends happier! I love the outfit, it looks so good on you.

  6. I love the look! The top looks great with those jeans. The pictures make it look blue but in your video it seems violet!

  7. I love your top. It is a beautiful blue/violet. The whole outfit has a fun, simplistic vibe, which is great for wearing just about anywhere.

  8. I like that color! I also like how you paired the top with those absolutely gorgeous heels!

  9. I think the top is kind of a blue/violet color…very pretty on you! Looks like a perfect top for spring!

  10. wow what an amazing outfit.This would be perfect for summer evening out or a day out with friends.You look so nice

  11. Blue one of my favorite colors. That looks great on you, I need to get my wardrobe updated

  12. I love that color blue. I have been seeing it everywhere lately! It’s definitely going to be big this summer.

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