How To: Easy White Nails with Diamonds Nail Art DIY For Beginners (Photos+Video)

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How To: Easy White Nails with Diamonds Nail Art DIY For Beginners 

So, Was not in the mood blogging for the past 2 weeks but still trying to update my blog 2x a week, Did it, but my youtube channel wasn’t that good haha. I promise to update my channel 2x a week every monday and thurs/fri for new videos, but all I did for the past 2 weeks was procrastinating haha I should win the award for that for doing it so good LOL =D

nail art diy

There’s really some times in a month that I am just too lazy to do anything & just wanna lay down all day & watch series & barely check my social media, Do you feel the same thing? Guess it’s not bad at all haha For sure we Need some days off away from the internet. Well, I manage to upload a youtube video today which you can watch below. Hope you will all like it!

I found the beautiful stickers to the shop near to my house, It is originally a sticker or a bling that Indians or other beautiful people put to their foreheads. Got them for 1aed and bought so many of them as it is a gorgeous bling to apply to my nails whenever I change my nail designs. Think it is more better, easier and lots of savings compare to going to nail salons.

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CLICK TO SHOP for Designers bags and enjoy them in discounted and sale Prices! This few months I will be doing some very easy nail art and DIY’s while i’m still waiting for the nail stencils and other nails stuffs I needed to practise myself doing lots of crazy nail arts! So I’ll be settling first to some washi tapes and stickers available. It is fun to do and add stickers to your nails plus it is super easy to use for nails!

After 2days of trying not mess-up the diamonds on my nails, it didn’t work at all, 1by1 diamonds fell off my right hands. So I have to DIY and apply glitter nail polish to make it look nicer, you can CLICK EACH Photos below to see the result of it =)

Sure do, that I am not a pro and The tutorial above is a bit messy but not that bad in person really haha. I get some compliments which means its not that bad and good enough for me and most of the girls to see blings on their nails. Well, I am in this point, that I don’t like going to salons anymore and have my hands and feet pampered too much haha. Guess I ‘ve been there done that. It was a nice experience to indulge myself. But not going to do that anymore often like I used to before. Prefer Sleeping more LOL

Well hope you guys liked this video! Looking forward for you guys to SUBSCRIBE if you like it! Thanks for visiting my blog! =)


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11 thoughts on “How To: Easy White Nails with Diamonds Nail Art DIY For Beginners (Photos+Video)

  1. Cute nail idea and something I know my daughters would love to try out. They love to try out new nail designs!

  2. Those nails are beautiful. White and diamonds are so classy and match just about anything. Thanks for the step-by-step.

  3. This is why I love nail stickers, I’m so happy that they are available in our local drugstores, lol! I miss doing nail art, if only it doesn’t get ruined when you do the laundry! Missed seeing your posts, welcome back!

  4. These are simple yet elegant. You have to have a lot of patience when doing nail art, which I don’t always have, but this seems like it isn’t too complicated.

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