Tips on How to Find the Perfect Dress and Attire For Your Wedding Day!

Tips on How to Find the Perfect Dress and Attire For Your Wedding Day!

Choosing the Perfect Dress and Attire for your Wedding is Probably one of the most hardest decisions you can ever have in your life. It’s the process of finding the right one for you. You can never have just one day of visit to your favourite bridal store or Designers Place and you already go it. It can be hectic and stressing for a bride and the rest of the brides maids. So…

Below are some of the tips that I can share with you and hopefully it can help and can give you some ideas to find the One!


Details and Silhouette

Choosing the Design and structure of your dress and attire for your wedding dress can be mind blowing. There’s too many designs to choose from, So many stores and Great Designers that will show you how can be the perfect bride and look gorgeous above anyone else. Focus on what really suits your body type. Are you slim? Curvy? Petite? This is important. Sometimes the cut and design of the dress that we wanted doesn’t really suits us so we have to make an exception and change it to something much better and makes our great body assets stands out more. Mermaid Dress, Ball Gown, or A-Line Bride?

Schedule Your Fittings Early

Yes it is! I suggest that you schedule your fittings early in the day. It will give you more time to try on Dresses as many as you can but Not as much. Too many dresses can give you a tough job choosing which one is the best. Sometimes you can just feel it like love at first sight. But do remember that it is always to do your fittings early in the day Just so you can have enough time to try on dresses, and the store assistants or designer themselves are not tired and in the mood to face you and entertain you.

Colour of the Day

The main thing that all bride wants is getting the perfect colour for their wedding day. Traditional colour for the dress and attire or Wedding Gowns for the Bride is Full on White. But we are in the new Generation. Brides and Grooms are more adventurous when choosing the colour that they want for the wedding. You are free to decide. Think if what will suits you and everyone else. Or be as Traditional in White. Mix it with Champagne ribbon or Be Pretty In pink. Mix and match the colours! It matters.

People You Trust

When trying out or choosing the perfect wedding dress and attire for your big day, It is very important that you choose a trusted and Best of the Best Bridal Store or Designer. Do a history Check of the store or the designer. Check reviews and services that are mostly available now online where you can view the feedback from their previous customers and how do they finish and get the job done. Bring at least 2-3 people that you think can help you decide which dress is best. We girls always needs suggestions am I right?

Wedding Dresses

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18 thoughts on “Tips on How to Find the Perfect Dress and Attire For Your Wedding Day!

  1. Awesome tips, I hope when my time comes I will know what I want. I do have an idea but will see when the time comes

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  3. Planning is definitely important so you have time to find what you want. I got married in a pink wedding dress the first time. The second time it was polka dots, lol.

  4. Planning ahead is really important. There are a lot of things that take a long time that you don’t think or know about unless you have already been there and done that. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Scheduling fittings early is really important. I have heard of people who were super stressed out trying to get fit in for alterations because they procrastinated.

  6. The perfect dress. You know it the minute you try it on. You can try one dress after dress but will still come back to that “one”.

  7. I like the two dress. It looks simple but brilliant. One of girls dreams is wearing this kind of dress.

  8. These are great tips! I wish I had slowed down and thought my wedding dress thru a little more. Looking back, I dont love it and never really did.

  9. Those are all great advice. I remember when I went dress shopping for my own wedding 11 years ago. It was a nightmare but luckily I had a best friend who helped me out tremendously.

  10. This is good advice. I think this can actually be a really fun part of wedding planning! It’s definitely a good idea to schedule fittings early though.

  11. I have never had the chance to fit wedding dresses, ever. These tips are something that I’d like to keep for when the time comes. It’s really important to follow a schedule when you’re planning a wedding.

  12. These are great tips for shopping for a wedding dress. I love watching Say Yes to the Dress and seeing all the beautiful and not so beautiful gowns available to brides.

  13. I am passed this point of my life but my friend is getting married this October and I’m betting she can use a lot of advice. I’m going to show her this post.

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