Travel Vlog: Penang, Malaysia Part2 Bukit Bendera – Penang Hills (Photos + Video)

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Travel Vlog: Penang, Malaysia Part2 Bukit Bendera – Penang Hills (Photos + Video)
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Second part of my Penang Travel Vlog is Visiting the Penang Hill. It was a lovely sunny day starting our journey, riding the HOHO bus in Penang. first Stop we did is the Hill. You can buy the ticket HERE queue for the monorail to go up the hill.


It was nice view & fun thing to experience the monorail going up the hill, there are some few stops on the way, & saw some people trekking up & down the hill. If you are more adventurous you can probably take the stairs up or down or both for more fun thing to do with your family or friends as an extra activity. I’m warning you! It is going to be a long hike up & down.

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See more photos below! CLICK each photos to See them in a Larger View and enjoy the scenery! Have Fun!

The View up the Hill was amazing! you can see everything of Penang has to offer! Beautiful landscapes & greeneries! They have lots of fun things and activities when you arrive on top on the hill as you can SEE ON THE PHOTOS ABOVE. Of course they cost something but we didn’t even bother to check them out that day as the dark clouds was starting to cover the whole view and a big rain was about to come that time. We just took some photos and see the beautiful flowers around the hill which was amazing!

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20 thoughts on “Travel Vlog: Penang, Malaysia Part2 Bukit Bendera – Penang Hills (Photos + Video)

  1. Holy cow Penang is beautiful I just love the rolling landscapes and Malaysia is somewhere I have wanted to visit for a while because I hear that it is good to help clear the mind!

  2. boo to the dark clouds bringing in the storm. YOu’re right though, you did get beautiful pictures anyway~

  3. These pictures are beyond gorgeous. I have always wanted to visit Malaysia. It is even prettier than I imagined!

  4. Penang Hill looks breathtaking. I would love to see all of that in person. Such great shots.

  5. Oh my word, the view is exquisite! I’d totally take the monorail, by the way. No stairs for me!

  6. Beautiful….beautiful…beautiful…..I would like to visit one day but I am too chicken to do long flights so for now I will live vicariously through travel blogs

  7. That’s such a beautiful view! I honestly don’t mind taking the stairs up just to enjoy the view, but I will probably take the train once I’m done touring the hills. Lol. It’s so nice to go to places like this, very peaceful and serene.

  8. What an amazing view, photos, and video! Looks like it was absolutely a wonderful exotic time!

  9. Oh my goodness! This looks amazing. I would love to visit Penang Malaysia. It looks like a beautiful place to visit.

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