Spring Makeup Tutorial: Pop Of Pink Smokey Eye for Beginners | @tauyanm

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Spring Makeup Tutorial: Pop Of Pink Smokey Eye for Beginners | @tauyanm

Here’s a very quick Pop of Pink Smokey Eye Look Made Super Easy for Beginners this Spring Makeup Season! I did this very quick this morning and decided to use my thick lashes for the first time and boy it was freaking heavy haha =D

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Can’t even imagine how other people wear this everyday for ordinary day or even for their job. They must be used to it, But still wearing the thick lashes is not easy, I’ll stick with the lighter fake lashes instead. Would still love just my plain eyelashes with mascara. I only wear this lashes during tutorials. So I Salute everyone who wear this everyday!

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This tutorial is very easy (you do know that if you did watch the video above LOL) and quick! perfect for a girls shopping day or everyday look minus the thick eyelashes. You can use regular thin eyelashes for the good length effect. Its always nice to see super long lashes. You can buy them in Daiso or any cheap or budget friendly stores.

I used Naked Palette in Toasted for the Crease and Makeup Revolution Palette in Dark Velvet-ish Pink for my eyelids. You can use any palettes you have in the same colour or somewhere near in the colour I’ve used in this Tutorial.

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