Travel Vlog: Penang, Malaysia Part1 Bayview Beach Resort Review (Photos+Video)

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Travel Vlog: Penang, Malaysia Part1 Bayview Beach Resort (Photos+Video)

Few months before we left Malaysia and move to Dubai, I had a chance to finally visit Penang with my family. It was a 2 and half days of stay there and we decided to stay in Bayview beach resort and spa. Reason we chose this place is it was the cheapest (I guess) and Just next to Hard Rock Hotel.

So we were thinking that It might have a nice view of the beach as well since it is just next to Hard Rock where it is way more expensive. What can you ask for staying in a paradise and just with nature around.

Bayview Beach Resort

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The hotel was quiet when we arrived, Probably ‘coz its not that time of the year where it is holiday to go for vacations. It was monsoon season so the Beach was muddy, But the staffs says that during warm and sunny seasons the beach is perfect. Of course, haha But it was still a nice beach to have a walk, and maybe bonfires at night with the family or friends.

Bayview Beach Resort

The Rooms are very clean. We got 2 rooms. We requested for extra beds & they were happy to bring it in our room. Our rooms are located with the gorgeous view of Sunset & the Beach and Nature! Seeing those trees & the beach while chilling on our balcony was relaxing and I can’t ask for anything else. It was a perfect photo opportunity everyday.

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I just wanted to say that we went for a (click)>HOPON – HOPOFF Bus Tour< on our Second day and it was just amazing. In the Bus Tour, They have two different ways, The Second way will be stopping at Hard Rock Cafe which is just next to Bayview beach resort. If you don’t have a car to drive, this bus tour is perfect. You can just walk to the Hard Rock Hotel and wait for the bus in front of it and start your journey. Will tell you more about it on my Part1 and Part2 Blogposts. =)

Bayview Beach Resort

I definitely recommend this place. The staffs are friendly. Inside the resort itself, There are so many things to do with your family or friends. Like Table Tennis, Tennis Court, Horse Back Riding at the Beach, Massage outside and relax with nature while hearings those kids laugh of the wave of the sea. They Have Billiards or Pool available in the Lobby where you can also order some cocktails and have drinks and foods. They have meditation pool too! A Large swimming pool and kids pool. =)

Bayview Beach Resort

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to just relax & chill with a Piña colada or margarita while having a massage. It was one of the highlights & a must do when staying in this hotel. The girls were friendly & the massage is really good. They know when to stop & start chatting with you so that’s a plus. Also the bartender who makes margarita was awesome. It was delicious!

Bayview Beach Resort

WiFI is available in the Hotel but we barely use it as we were there to just really have a nice a family day out and chill and relax with nature. We only use it in the morning while having coffee or so, the rest of the day, we were just walking around Penang. If you guys have any more questions just let me know in the know in the comments below


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  20. Wow! This looks really beautiful and relaxing. I will have to keep this in mind for our next getaway.

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