Easy Easter Nail Art Design for Beginners (Step By Step Tutorial – Photo-Video)

How To: Easy Easter Nail Art Design for Beginners (Step By Step Tutorial – Photo-Video)

Nail Art

Well, I guess this just happened haha Please don’t judge my nail painting skills Im very new to doing this nail art design. I was just thinking that maybe I can do something new this afternoon for easter celebration. I normally just paint my nails in 1-2 colours and never I apply base coat or top coat as I change them once a week just by myself. Not a PRO but good enough=D

Below is a Quick Video that I managed to film and edit today using my Iphone hehe. Pls. Like-Comment-Subscribe!

Below is the Step by Step Picture Tutorial that might help you to understand more than watching the video above hehe

Nail Art
Hope it is indeed that easy haha although, you might find it very hard to do on the other side of your hand that you’re not comfortable with at all. I was struggling but I did it on both hands. The secret is to do it very slowly so you won’t make much mistakes hehe. Practise makes perfect so Lets all do this and practise every week if we can ya? haha

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20 thoughts on “Easy Easter Nail Art Design for Beginners (Step By Step Tutorial – Photo-Video)

  1. Such a unique & beautiful nail art design that will be worthy not just for Easter, but for any special occassion. The good thing about the design is the mix of colors that looks amazing & the easy method of getting it done. Thanks for the video.

  2. This is a cute design for Easter. My girls always want me to do nail design on them, and I’m terrible at it, lol.

  3. Love these! I always see women with these awesome nails! I think I might have to give it a try.

  4. The design is easy to do thanks to your tutorial. I was never really good at nail art, but I can totally pull this one of! Thanks for the detailed instructions!

  5. You make that look easy but I’m not sure I’m coordinated enough to pull it off. Very cute! I really like the finished look.

  6. I am loving that cute nail design, but I don’t think I would ever be able to do it myself. I am so terrible with stuff like that. I’ll give it a try though;)

  7. That is so cute! I am terrible at nail art! I have tried to do it on my own nails and that never worked right! I will have to see if this helps.

  8. I ended up getting flowers on my accent nail because I won’t have time to get my nails done until after Easter has passed and I don’t want Easter nails past easter 🙂

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