St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | Easy Green Smokey Eye

St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | Easy Green Smokey Eye
Using the MakeUp Revolution Palette London Bright Matte Colours in Acid Bright

Here’s a step by step St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Makeup Tutorial for Beginners or Simple & Easy Green Smokey Eye for parties or anything you can think of! I can’t believe that I filmed this video & edited at the same time & did everything all in one day!

St. Patrick's Day Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | Easy Green Smokey Eye

Pls don’t forget to WATCH the video below and see how I did the green smokey eye look! It’s a good makeup tutorial for beginners! I actually did this makeup look with out any advance planning haha I Just looked at the camera & guess how to make this green smokey eye work & look nice for everyone to use & make it wearable in the day too!

I would like to thank my blogger friend @carerynn for giving me the makeup palette as her despedida gift for me before I left KL haha Totally useful when I need those gorgeous colours!

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What I love about the Palette is the great colour selection that’s inside it. All the Bright Matte Colours are amazing. Just the downside is, it is a bit powdery. What I did to not have any fall-outs while applying is to make sure that my eyeshadow brush or any brush is, slightly wet or damp, Then use the brush to pick up some product and apply it on your eyes! Having to damp or wet your brush makes the eyeshadow colours more brighter and pigmented which is a very good thing!

Hope you guys love this look! Let me know in the comment box below if what other makeup techniques or makeup look for beginners that you wanna learn and maybe I can film it for you in much easier way to follow! Have a nice day all!


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32 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Makeup Tutorial for Beginners | Easy Green Smokey Eye

  1. I never would have thought to try a green smokey eye. I would be shared of how it would look. It looks awesome!

  2. Love this! I don’t know if I could pull it off but maybe for St Patty’s day. It looks so cute!

    1. i think i can wear this only for St Patricks day as a festive makeup. Or halloween as a pretty elf or something haha

  3. This would look really cute on my daughters. I’ll have to send your link over to them so they can watch the vid.

  4. You are very creative. This would be great for a holiday party. Going to one to try your look out?

  5. This is such a cool look and I love the color you went with. This would be perfect for St. Patrick’s day party.

  6. I love the festive look and the color combinations! It really suits you and you look like a beautiful Elf too!

    1. haha yeah my daughter was calling me elf the whole time im wearing the makeup look haha

  7. I will have to show this to my 3 year old to see if she’ll let me do this when we play makeover 😛

  8. You look SO beautiful! I never wear make up (mostly because I am lazy and just plain tired LOL). I will be pinning this for when I have my next date night with hubby to use then.

    1. thank you so much! believe me i dont wear makeup too! i only do this for my youtube channel and blog haha usually for going out just eyebrows and winged liner hehe im that lazy too =D

  9. That is super cute. I don’t wear makeup, but would love to run into someone with their eyes all made up like that 🙂

    1. i dont wear makeup too everyday just apply them during formal occasions and when filming haha

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