Ikea Dubai – Gopro Hero4 Silver | Vlog

Ikea Dubai – Gopro Hero4 Silver | Vlog

Hello everyone! As I’ve said before, I’ll be uploading youtube videos every monday and another bonus video on thursday or friday if I have available video to upload. I’ll be uploading Vlogs, Beauty related tutorials, Events, Food and Lookbook Videos!

So for today, and it’s not Monday haha Its Thursday! I know! My daughter started school this week so I was all busy running here and there and super tired and didn’t managed to finish editing this video ’till yesterday and uploaded the video on youtube last night and blogging it today as you are reading this. So please enjoy the video below.

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I just wanted to share this video I took using my New Toy GoPro Hero4 Silver. It is one of my Christmas/Birthday/etc. Gift or present ideas that I wanted for 2016++! and got this as a Birthday/Valentine Gift from my husband hehe

If you guys have any questions to ask about the gopro hero4 silver, Is it good for vlog/blog? If recommended? or any questions Just feel free to write them down on the comment box below and I’ll will try my best to answer and reply to your questions.

There’s some few things I wanted to buy in Ikea but didn’t manage to get them as I was busy filming and can’t seem to find the things I need to get hahaha. Reason why I was in Ikea is because my husband is teaching business/entrepreneur and his students from India never been to Ikea before so my husband thought that its a good idea for them to experience the shopping!

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26 thoughts on “Ikea Dubai – Gopro Hero4 Silver | Vlog

  1. Me and my husband don’t do much travelling nowadays because of health issues, however, my sons are really into travelling and they would love to have a GoPro to take with them to document their adventures,

    1. haha a bit pricey but you can avail sjcam or sony ones or get the earlier version of gopro its a good investment

  2. I wanted to have a GoPro especially this coming summer. I want to capture all the moments

  3. I need a GoPro! I think your husband’s students must have had an awesome day for their first trip to Ikea. Sounds like fun!

  4. I didn’t realize you could capture that much detail with the GoPro Hero4 Silver. It looks like a great travel camera.

  5. That’s awesome. I always wanted to have a GoPro because I love keeping memories, especially when the twins and I go out. Great VLOG!

    1. haha i’ve been trying not to get one too! it took me a year to get this haha time to save up babe! or get the SJcam or sony version

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