3 Tools to Add to Your Beauty Regimen in 2016

3 Tools to Add to Your Beauty Regimen in 2016

Many New Year’s resolutions revolve around a person’s physical appearance. Learning how to expertly apply makeup and use other beauty tools is a great way to give your body a revitalized appearance without ever having to hit the gym. Here are three tools that should definitely be added to everyone’s beauty regimen in 2016.

hair dryer

1. Amika Mighty Mini Dryer

Most people have some sort of hair blow dryer at home, and usually it is something rather large and bulky that gets shoved wherever it can fit in the vanity under the bathroom sink. It is also kind of a pain to try to pack in a suitcase when you go on vacation. A mini dryer with a travel case solves the traveling issue. You don’t have to stress about taking your high-quality, bulky hair dryer in your suitcase, and you don’t have to rely on the sub-par dryers provided by hotels during your vacation. This mini dryer even comes with a few attachments for extra versatility.

brow kit

2. Ramy the Brow Master Customizable Stencils

Uncontrollable brows are a thing of the past with this stencil set that allows you to customize the look of your brows and provides the perfect guiding lines for a precise look. Anyone who has ever struggled with plucking the right hairs or drawing the perfect lines stands to benefit from the guidance of these stencils. Just slide them to the eyebrow shape and arches you desire, then draw or pluck away.

airbrush foundation
3. Temptu Air Airbrushing Kit

If you’ve dabbled in makeup for long enough, then you know an airbrushed finish is what it takes to get the truly flawless celebrity look. Temptu developed an at-home kit years ago, and the Temptu Air is an improved version of the original tool. With a variety of concealers and blushes to choose from, there are many different and gorgeous looks that can be achieved from this quiet little hand-held instrument. Those who desire nearly flawless concealer coverage stand to benefit from this kit.

The year 2016 will be filled with the launching of many promising beauty products. Make sure you’re ready for anything by adding these three tools to your beauty regimen.


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16 thoughts on “3 Tools to Add to Your Beauty Regimen in 2016

  1. Such a nice things, I love learning from other beauty blogger about beauty regimen, so glad to know these.

  2. I don’t use these things, except for the hair dryer. They are all very useful though! That’s a pretty good list.

  3. That blow dryer is the cutest I have ever seen! I have always wanted to have perfect brows, but I can never seem to get them even!

  4. You just blew me away!! I want it all I don’t have any of these tools and I can see much potential in using them 🙂

  5. Oooh, I want that airbrush kit now! I wonder how long the lifespan is on them. I don’t have enough experience with doing nice make up to make the leap to such an expensive tool but, all the same, it’s one of those toys I just wish I had 😛

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