Awesome Tips To Save Money and Prepare For The Future

Awesome Tips To Save Money and Prepare For The Future

We are all guilty of spending money to some stuff that we really don’t need. We are all guilty of buying things that have no use or value at all. It’s ok to do that once in a-while if that what makes you feel good after spending a lot of time at work. But if you do this in a constant basis, I think it’s about time to control it and save money for your own future.

Being so lucky to have a healthy Family now, It is my job as a mother to think advance and manage all the situations in my home. One of them that I need to secure is my family’s health. I always make sure that each member of my family is in good health. It’s always better to be prepared than never at all. You’ll never know when accident, or health issues will come.


So below are few awesome tips that can help you control the spending habits, save money and prepare for a brighter future in my own experiences.

You can’t control what you can’t measure. 

Listing down your expenses every 15 days or so will give you a good glimpse on how much money are coming out from your pocket or savings. With this list, you can now see how much money is already out and for sure, it will make you think twice about spending more on stuff that you really shouldn’t get or buy.

Aside from that, you can also get a glimpse of your spending habit according to their categories such as rent, utilities, care/gas, food etc. This will enable you to cut down on the category that you spent the most.

plan your meals

Check your coffee and eating habits.

Do you eat out a lot? Do you spend good amount of money for those overpriced coffee available around? Well, it’s time for you to cut it down too! If you eat out 4 times a month, reduce it to two. Make it a habit to cook and prepare your own food. It’s good for your health too! If you buy expensive coffee 5 times a week, cut it down to two. Doing this tip I can assure you, you can save good amount of money for your own future.

Watch out your health and overall well-being.

Don’t take chances! Getting regular check up and watching your diet and lifestyle today can have huge effect for your health in the future. Although doing this today might cost you a bit of money (doctor’s fee, vitamins and supplements), you can save yourself from huge expenses (drugs, hospital bills etc.) in the future. As what most successful people says, don’t just invest your money at your businesses, you have to set some for your health too!

Getting insured as early as possible can give you a good future. Instead of buying the unnecessary stuff or things, why not get an insurance plan, check out what Sun Life Malaysia offers with their Money For Life financial and protection planning tool. Its interactive web portal can help you understand your financial needs at different life stages. You can’t go wrong with insurance like this. Get your parents an Insurance Plan too (if they are still age-eligible) as I did for mine sometime back– worried about mine and their health issues as time passes by in a flash. Think of it as a preparation of a better future for you and your family while you enjoy your life today. As I said, you’ll never know when it’s gonna happen so it is always good to be prepared.

how to budget

Set a budget.

Setting a weekly or monthly budget can definitely help. It’s quite hard to really go with your planned budget but once you made this a habit, everything comes in easy. You will be surprised on how much your life will change after doing this for at least a year.

Forget credit cards.

If you have cash, don’t use cards. If you don’t have cash, don’t buy anything at all. Credit cards are great in case of emergency but using it just to buy something for your own satisfaction is a major no no. Aside from the interest rates, the usage of credit cards can also trigger bad spending habits.

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26 thoughts on “Awesome Tips To Save Money and Prepare For The Future

  1. These are really good tips. We use cash almost exclusively, and I’ve gotten really good at meal planning lately.

  2. Great tips! Our biggest issue is the eating out. Stopping to grab a pop and a snack seems like not a lot of money, but almost every day! It adds up fast.

  3. We don’t have credit cards so we have this “You can’t spend what you don’t have”. Now that I’ve said that we do need to budge more, we would be able to have more money away if we planned ahead of time when we went shopping or didn’t grab a quick bite to eat. Budgeting is very important & we need to set limits.

  4. I have to have one credit card. I currently don’t, they were all cancelled when I landed smack dab in the middle of an unexpected mess. Years and years of great credit ruined in an instant. Starting over w/no card is awful, lol. You need it for more than you think… I’m finding out more and more every day.

  5. I try to live within my means. I try my best to live within those guidelines I set each month. thank you for the post!

  6. Hubby and I are setting our budget for the whole month, We also make a list of the things needed to buy like food, medicine. Setting budget is great.

  7. I don’t keep credit cards, I never liked it. It’s good to be able to set a budget for each month and to keep track of your spending!

    1. I have 2 credit cards but i plan our meals and focus when shopping haha unless its a shopping day haha

  8. I have been trying so hard to try and figure out a budget for us, but I just can’t seem to get a handle on where the heck all our money goes! I like your idea of every 15 days of writing down what we spent money on so I can see what we are doing and then make cuts and budget better. I’m going to have to do something because what we are doing does not work!

    1. i plan our meals every week. when we go to shopping mall we go to the places and get the things we need to buy first haha

  9. It took us a long time but we now have a budget that we are able to live on and save a little bit too. The more you can save now the better you are.

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