Travel Australia Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Travel: Australia – Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary! Photos and Video Included.

travel australia lone pine koala sanctuary

                       Source:PhotoCredit: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Don’t forget to watch the video of my fun travel visiting the Sanctuary!

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Not every year we manage to visit our families and relatives back in Australia. This time it was not one of those happy moments why we visited Australia. But I will just keep the reason why for personal issues, as we know that there are things that are not meant to be shared on Social Media. I’d like some parts of my life and some happenings and other things private.

travel australia lone pine koala sanctuary

So to get this blogpost started. We flew to Australia after so many years, We had some few days that we managed to go around and visit places and do family activities like visiting the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It was a lovely weather that week when we were there. It was a nice train ride to go there and catch up with some friends. Click to follow my Instagram


It was my first time to visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Altho, I’ve seen Koalas and Kangaroos before. I was surprised that they have this Blogger’s peak that you can Charge your phones or cameras and you can access wifi all over the place and share your best moments with everyone while walking around. Very interactive Sanctuary! Love how they called it Blogger’s Peak!

travel australia lone pine koala sanctuary

Photo above was an epic one haha I guess I can see some potential nice photo opps than any one else on that day. I asked my husband to take that photo, and and after few shots, People are lining up or queueing up to have there photos taken on the same spot when there’s no one there when we passed it few times haha Guess I really have the blogger in me all the time hehe

travel australia lone pine koala sanctuary

Around the place were gorgeous tress like the photos above. Flowers and other beautiful things around the sanctuary. I totally enjoyed taking pictures there. Btw, I only used my Phone and my husbands phone the whole time in Australia as we thought that, sight-seeing is not the very first reason why we flew there so I left my DSLR instead. Brought my Olympus Camera too but didn’t managed to used it. Thought I would VLOG but ended up using my phone for photos and videos and save some snapchats to update my social media world. Snapchat Camera looks more crisp and wide angle than normal iphone camera.

travel australia lone pine koala sanctuary

Although, It was a Koala Sanctuary, It was indeed hard to take nice photos of Koala’s Sleeping hiding to those leaves. When you zoom your camera on your iphone it looks burry and not good so not so much photos of koala, But more on Kangaroos because you can feed them and just sit there the whole day. Would be nice if you can bring your good camera with zoom so you can take nice, crisp and sharp, close up photos of koalas. But if your just enjoying walking around and see them, Phones would be ok.

travel australia lone pine koala sanctuary

What’s wrong with the photo above? Can you find it? hahaha Let me know in the comment box below! Would love to read!

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    1. Hello Sil Went to Australia for few weeks then I am now here in dubai hehe Any tripovo project for me? hahaha

  1. Omigosh!!! I’m swooning right now! How cute are those koalas! I should visit that when I go to Australia! 🙂

  2. These looks incredible! Australia is on my bucket list, and I will have to be sure to see the sanctuary.

  3. Wow! How cool is that!? I actually learned a lot about these adorable animals just from your post! Thanks!

  4. I would really love the opportunity to travel to Australia in the near future and take pictures with these beautiful animals too!

  5. So fun! I’ve only seen a koala once in my life and that was it. Would be awesome to go here with my twins!

  6. I would love to visit Australia someday!! It is on my bucket list 🙂 The koala sanctuary looks amazing!!

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