4 Valentine’s Gift Ideas That Don’t Involve Chocolate

        4 Valentine’s Gift Ideas That Don’t Involve Chocolate

Valentine’s Day often approaches with a wide mix of emotions for various people. In addition to those who either look forward to or dread it, the public is inundated with chocolate products and expensive jewelry. Sure, chocolate might seem like a great idea given its subtle aphrodisiac qualities, but not everyone requires delectable decadence just because it’s February 14. If you or your loved one are looking for something—anything—other than chocolates for a gift this Valentine’s Day, here are four simple ideas that do not require purchasing a candy-filled heart.

valentine's day gift ideas
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1. Cards

It might seem too simplistic at first, but cards are actually quite meaningful. You start off by choosing one that sets the mood. You can go serious or with something funny. Let the card say its words, then you say yours. Whether you just say you love your significant other or you pour out everything that’s in your heart, a card has the potential to be an extremely powerful and personal gift. It all depends on how you use it.

2. Household Décor

Want to tell your loved one you love him or her every day? Wall art, trinket dishes, mugs, and vases adorned with a simple “I love you” go a long way. You can even get several of these and decorate a room just for your significant other before he or she gets home. You might also want to leave the décor up even after the holiday passes.

3. Bandeaus

A bandeau is a versatile gift because there are so many different ways it can be worn. While it’s true that women often usually choose to wear them, they can be used by men, too. So if your significant other enjoys wrapping his or her head up in a bandanna, scarf, or other piece of clothing, then a bandeau can be a great gift. Hey, it even works as a friendship present.

4. Necklaces and Keychains

Diamond necklaces don’t necessarily need to make it onto your gift list. There are plenty of bohemian-chic jewelry options out there that are perfect for expressing your love. Choose a necklace or bracelet with a simple charm on it. Even a keychain is an easy idea for expressing your love. These items also make great friendship gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Just because the local grocery store shelves are overflowing with chocolate doesn’t mean you have to give in. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for chocolate-free gift ideas this Valentine’s Day, use this gift guide as the perfect starting point.



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15 thoughts on “4 Valentine’s Gift Ideas That Don’t Involve Chocolate

  1. Great ideas! I really like those mugs and candles. The necklace idea is great, too – I’m thinking that’s what I’ll get for my girlfriends without significant others this year.

  2. That’s so adorable. Love the couple mugs. I think chocolates are overrated, it’s nice to give out something different.

  3. Since I am not a big chocolate person is to be a perfect way to give me a gift for Valentine’s Day. I like the mugs honestly you’re my favorite.

  4. Those are all great ideas. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but these are great for other occasions.

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