Review: IrresistibleMe.Com Hair Extensions

Here’s a review of IrresistibleMe clip in Hair Extension in Silky Touch in Colour Light Red

I’ve been wanting to have my hair coloured like for so long already, But for the reason that my hair is too thick and stubborn as my hairstylist told me before, It would take a lot of time bleaching and colouring my hair and of course, More money is needed to be able to achieve and enjoy nice colours and maintaining them for months or years for my hair! I know it is crazy!

irresistible me hair extension review tauyanm

But fret not! IrresistableMe.Com Hair Extension is here to the rescue! The company sent me the hair extension few months back and yes this is long over due coz you know, girl gotta pack and move to another country reason why I haven’t reviewed lots of products in the past few months. Now I am having my wisdom tooth problem reason why I can’t talk in-front of the camera on my youtube video for this review. My face looks funny haha Well, Voice Over worked so why not hehe.

irresistible me hair extension review tauyanm

For those of you who are wondering, I got the Silky Touch in Light Red – 200g – 24inches and it was amazing! If you can watch the video below  You will see and noticed that the hair extension is almost the same length as my hair! I actually just trimmed my hair 3inches couple of weeks ago, So if I wait for my hair to grow more longer again, it will blend naturally as they will be the same length and would perfectly matched and would look so good when I wear them!

irresistible me hair extension review tauyanm

Don’t Forget to Enjoy more Photos in the SlideShow/Gallery and Youtube Video Below! is a young brand that centers around really amazing clip-in hair extensions, But has bigger hair related dreams! If you will CLICK ME and visit their website, You’ll be able to see all the hair extensions, Full Lace wigs in other colours and you’ll be able to see as well other products that you will surely enjoy.

irresistible me hair extension review tauyanm

I am totally inlove with this! Wish I can try on the Hair Extensions in honey or platinum blonde and totally wanted their Sapphire 8 in 1 Curler! I want the Full Lace wig in Golden Blonde too! Then my life would be complete! Yeah, I know it is a tough decision! But I would then, be able to Film Many Hairstyles with my hair extensions using the curler and enjoy different hair colours! The hair is just incredibly soft and really blends well!

hair extensions

If you have any questions please CLICK ME and visit their website to see everything you need to know about the product!

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37 thoughts on “Review: IrresistibleMe.Com Hair Extensions

  1. I think this looks so beautiful for you, though I am really not a lover of hair extensions. It is irresistible for sure for that gorgeous color that makes it stand out right away.

  2. Aw this is such a pretty color! I’ve never used extensions but I’ve always thought about it. I should check it out!

  3. I just reviewed Irresistible Me too! Aren’t they great?! Love them! They’re so natural looking!
    xo Adriana – Daily Dose of Design

  4. Omg these extensions sound fabulous! I never leave my house without extensions snapped in lol

  5. They look so real! I would love to try hair extensions too. It would be so fun to sport a different hairstyle once in a while.

    1. yeah, thought my hair looks boring and these hair extensions take it to the next level!

  6. I tried using hair extensions and couldn’t figure them out! You made that look so simple, lol. Thanks, I may just be able to put the ones I have in.

  7. I have never tried using hair extensions. I really like what you did though, they look so much like highlights.

    1. yeah! haha i thought it was so much hair then i did it as high light and its look fun and amazing

  8. Wow that looks pretty cool! I’ve never done extensions but this looks fairly easy to do yourself?

  9. The color in your hair looks awesome! I am never try to put extensions in my hair personally but there are a lot of people that love doing stuff like that it’s kind of fun.

  10. I really love the burst of color these extensions offer. They look great and like they’d be a lot of fun to show off.

  11. Those are really cool. I like the color and it really does seem to blend naturally with your own hair.

    1. thanks Robin! It does! Received lots of compliments while wearing it outside the other day!

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