How To Save Money While Shopping Online In The Philippines

Online shopping is a fun, convenient and hassle free of purchasing anything at the comfort of your own home. That’s why in the Philippines (considering the heavy traffic and road congestion), more and more people now prefers buying via the internet than the traditional walk-in visit at shopping centers and malls.

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Aside from the convenience, online shopping also offers financial benefits that people often overlook. It lets you save great amount of money while buying the stuff you wanted and need. Below are some of my tips and tricks that can help you save money while shopping online in the Philippines.

Timing Is Essential

Holidays, like for example Christmas, is the best way to do shopping online. Why? Because during these kind of days, online stores offers great discounts and big price reduction. Just like at shopping centers and malls, online stores also have Holiday Sale, Christmas Sale, End of Season sale and sometimes also offers payday sale and weekend sale.  If you are planning to buy something online, wait for the right time and moment to do so!

Visit Coupon Sites and Use Coupon Codes

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing items online is the possibility of using coupon codes. For each and every shopping sites there’s always a coupon code available. Let’s say you want something from Zalora, you can simply do a quick Google search for Zalora fashion store  coupon codes and you will have hundreds of sites to choose from. Just a reminder though, not all of those results are legitimate or up to date.  To make sure you will get the latest codes available, scan the results and look for Vouchercodes Philippines website. It’s one of the highly trusted coupon code websites in the Philippines according to numerous surveys and statistics.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

Not all shopping sites offer free shipping. Before proceeding with your checkout, check if you are entitled for such.  If not, try jumping to another shopping website and see if purchasing the same item for the same amount can give you free shipping. Remember, online stores have different programs and promotions so if one site doesn’t offer free shipping, it doesn’t mean all of them won’t give you that too.  This alone can save you good amount of cash most especially if you are planning to buy in bulk.

Rebates and Rewards

If you use credit card to purchase online, chances are you will be offered rebates and rewards. This might not look big if you see it in plain numbers but over a month or year of using or spending it wisely, you will be surprised on how much you already have on your account.

Be Active On Social Networks

Many brands and online shopping stores use their social network pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to announce any kind of promos they have.  There are times that these promos are not indicated at their official website. Make sure to follow their accounts so you can take advantage of their offers.

Following my above tips can help you save good amount of cash overtime. But remember, the greatest key to save money is not to buy the item you don’t need. Resist impulse buying so you can enjoy the greatest financial benefits of shopping online.


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10 thoughts on “How To Save Money While Shopping Online In The Philippines

  1. Those definitely help. I love free shipping! Of all the years that I’ve tried shopping online, I’ve only tried one discount promo and the shipping ended up being delayed. It was terrible.

  2. What great tips and it’s always fun to save money. I don’t live in the Phillipines but I do 90 to 95% of my shopping online. There is literally no where to shop around here unless I travel an hour plus. It’s just easier most of the time to shop online and have it delivered.

  3. These are great tips and I think they are applicable outside the Philippines too. Thanks for sharing, I love online shopping since I work 9-5.

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