UAE-Dubai New Year – Amazing Burj Khalifa Fireworks + The Address Hotel Fire!

Happy 2016 everyone!! How’s everything going? How the fireworks in your country? How’s the family or friends or relatives celebrated new year? Mine is pretty extra-ordinary. Oh! you know, I just walked so far like so far around 4-5 metros here in dubai in my 4 inches heels after the fireworks.

It’s because there was too many people! Like every one is in Dubai enjoying their new year and waiting for the must ever amazing fireworks of the tallest building in the world. We didn’t make it to the other hotel where we supposed to see the burj khalifa fireworks so we just enjoyed every moment of it somewhere in the street where we can see it like most of the people did.

It was crazy people! Lots of people were stranded in the middle of the highway because the Dubai police had to stopped them to give way to ambulance and fire fighters, and yes there was a big Fire which was The Address Hotel Just opposite to the Burj Khalifa Building. Everything went so fast.

Lots of people thought that there’ll be no fireworks because of the Hotel Fire Accident but surprise! The Show must go on!


(photo not mine: credit to:

The Burj Khalifa Fireworks was indeed amazing! hopefully we can see it on the right side of the building next time haha but I won’t complain at all, I’m already so lucky to have given the chance to see it with my family. Everything was perfect!

The train station was so packed! You can’t even go inside! which what happened to the 2 metros we passed while we were walking that night. Then I just have to gave up as my feet was too painful to walk already. If it’s not dark at all and if I can see the road and knowing that it won’t have any sharp things that can harm my feet, I would’ve walked barefoot haha but sad, coz it was dangerous, people were just sitting beside the street, and lots of them walking with us, Like a heard of The walking Dead in the middle of the night hahaha.

But yeah, The 3rd metro was not so bad at all, So I just had to go with my daughter in the train, as they only allow families with younger kids, or women with kids to go inside the train.

I just had to say how amazing Dubai Police controlling all these massive people to not go in the metro. I’ve never seen that before that to the point when they say something, people will stop and listen and you better follow or you won’t be getting anywhere!

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year Celebration! CLICK ME to read my Blog Recap Post if haven’t yet! TIA 😉

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22 thoughts on “UAE-Dubai New Year – Amazing Burj Khalifa Fireworks + The Address Hotel Fire!

  1. My friend is going to Dubai tomorrow and I can not wait to see photos and hear about her adventure. Glad you were safe NYE. I was watching coverage of the fire on tv. Scary stuff.

  2. Wow that fire was crazy! I’m amazed they still did the fireworks but I’m sure they spent a lot of money for them.

  3. wow, how stunning and very spectacular. I feel bad about the fire though.

  4. So sad to hear about the fire, but I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself! The fireworks look amazing!

  5. Wow – this looks incredible. I would love to visit Dubai. That is awful that the hotel caught fire.

  6. Wow! It’s so beautiful! What I would give to see a view as lovely as that on New Years! It’s an awesome experience, definitely!

  7. What a spectacular display. It must have been amazing to see it in person.That picture is so impressive.

  8. That is amazing! Were you nervous being in such a large crowd? Sounds like police were out in full force.

  9. I have never seen fireworks like that before, it’s simply amazing. Around here they do a few of them here and there but nothing fancy as in your photo.

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