Thank You 2015 – Hello 2016! A Blog Recap to Enjoy and to keep the memories forever!

It was indeed an amazing 2015. Lost of things happened that I never expected at all. But I won’t complain, I won’t argue. I am just happy that they happened and sure to be in my memories forever. Memories that changed me and turned my life into a whole new level. Below is the list of some of the high-lights that happened to me in 2015 and to people that I wanna thank of. I can’t put everything in one photo-collage but everything and all the memories is here on my blog and in to my youtube channel so for all of you, Enjoy!

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Pandas: Blogpost

It was indeed an awesome experience meeting and seeing all the 1600 pandas in Malaysia! It was a hot day and too many people around but I was there, ready to conquer the day with the pandas and had so much #selfies as the other people did!

Zalora Birthday! Blogpost

It was such a memorable date for me to be invited by Zalora to attend their Birthday in Marble 8. Sitting next to famous people or celebrities from singer, models, famous bloggers and youtubers and the whole team of #Zalora Malaysia! Thanks for having me!

Us The Duo: Blogpost – Video of everything will be up next album release LOL (just kiddin’!) hehe

Of course! I won’t miss this thing for the world to see! I mean its #usthefamily visiting Malaysia! Really thankful to seeties and universal music malaysia for giving me this opportunity and so unexpected! Never thought that I’ll be seeing them face to face haha and yeah the Toilet moment with carissa was awesome haha had to ask her questions while she’s in there like yeah hahha so sorry about that but my reaction was dead and didn’t expect that at all. So CLICK ME to subscribe to my youtube channel now coz I will be posting the personal interviews and Q&A and their concert! woots!

Maybelline 100th Anniversary: Blogpost

It is indeed a legendary anniversary seeing how maybelline has evolved through the years of beauty. Thanks to the PR who’s very kind and nice and never forget to send me an invite to celebrations like this! You Should see the dress full of cosmetics!

Clozette Kpop Party: Blogpost

and so it happened… Kpop party with all the blogger friends all thanks to Clozette Malaysia for having us all there! It was fun filled celebration and party learning makeup tricks and gossips and prizes to be won! haha Totally missin’ my clozette ambassador girlfriends and our very sweet Scott. #clozettte #clozetteambassador

Asia’s Got Talent: Blogpost

Who would’ve have thought that I’ll be seeing Melanie C and David Foster face to face! OMG! Like it was full adrenaline while I am inside that Hall with the other media. Its fun seeing them and there was a moment that David and Melanie C were like just telling us a story like we were a kid haha. Too bad we were not allowed to take a selfie with them hehe

Triumph: Blogpost1Blogpost2

2015 is the year when I am lucky to be chosen as one of the bloggers to be in the Triumph Malaysia Family. It is a wonderful experience to be with Triumph family and it feels good to encourage women to help them find the one. #triumphmy

Miss Universe Malaysia: Blogpost

This is when the journey of Miss Vanessa Tevi Miss Universe Malaysia 2015 started. Who would’ve thought that she will be one of the Miss Philippine Pageant Sister during the Miss Universe 2015. She is indeed humble and so sweet and down to earth in person. Lucky to have met her few times during events and you won’t feel that awkward moment with her. She is real and deserves all the praises she’s getting now from all around the world. You did well my friend. Thanks for being there with Miss Philippines and All the best for you! Hope to see you again in the future. #mu15 #missuniverse

Samsung: Blogpost1Blogpost2

One of the highlights of me, being a blogger is to be invited to the point that I never expect a Tech Related media event. Happy to review Samsung’s latest models and happy to enjoyed reviewing them. Thanks Samsung! More tech to come for me pls! LOL

Benefit Cosmetics: BlogpostVideo

Another Unexpected invite I received this 2015 is from Benefit Cosmetics. Guess every beauty bloggers are dreaming of attending Benefit Cosmetic events and My dream just came true. Thanks Benefit for the girly makeup sesh! Till next time!

Innisfree: Blogpost

Another beauty bloggers dream is to be invited with Innisfree, A famous korean makeup and skincare brand. Thanks @jessytheklchic for having me. Just sad that I missed the chance meeting Lee Min Ho in person haha Oh wells! Thanks for having me again and for the amazing products!

The Oak Room: Blogpost

Imagine having the whole place just you and your special loved ones or your Bae. The Oak Room is for members only they have meetings rooms, wine and cigar room and karaoke and massage place so private just for you. Thanks once again to @jessytheklchic for bringing me to this one of the most formal food review we had together haha Both of us were so Posh that night.

Support Breast Cancer Awareness by Magazine Boutique: Blogpost

Walking the runway and wearing a gorgeous designer gown is the probably the most heavenly feeling and at the same time supporting the breast cancer awareness together with the survivors and magazine boutique was an amazing opportunity. Thanks Miss Yen of Magazine Boutique and @jessytheklchic. Good luck with the next one for 2016!

KL FASHION WEEK: Blogpost1Blogpost2 – Other Blogpost will be up 2016 #klfashionweek

A Fashion bloggers dream is to attend one of the fashion week schedule in their country which in my case the #klfashionweek It was all tiring. Meeting all different and new people in the fashion industry was crazy! I can’t even explain the feeling of seeing all the Celebrities and Designers all in one roof. Thanks for the chance to have me this year, Hope to attend more in the future.

Philippine Blogging Awards: Blogpost

The feeling of being nominated in the fashion category for Philippine Blogging awards was amazing. I didn’t get a chance to attend or win the award but being nominated is such a huge thing for me already. All the hard work deserves this.

MTV World Stage: Blogpost

All I can say is, It was incredible. Seeing Jason Derulo and Carly Rae Jepsen in person performing was worth all the bad smell and sweat I felt while watching them with tons of people singing their heart out haha yeah, it was that smelly and sweaty was so scary haha Just Incredible.

KL City Grand Prix: Blogpost + full schedule for 2016

It was unexpected to know someone from a car racing, But I guess having the perks to live in the city where its noisy and busy, is to deal with expensive and fastest cars we know. My husband happened to know someone from the race and looking forward for the VIP for 2016 but now we are in Dubai so hoping for a great race! #klcitygp

Beauty Bound Asia: CLICK ME to see my whole #beautyboundasia experience!

It was another surreal moment that I was one of the semi finalist and national finalist for the beauty bound asia contest! Never have I thought that I will be so out of the box joining beauty related contest on youtube! I didn’t win and I never expected to win at all, Other contestants were deserving and more PRO than me for sure. I was there to experience Youtube, To meet New Friends and to learn things on how youtube works and how to be in this kind of contest.

Sigma Beauty: Blogpost

Another opportunity I received from getting out of the box and explore beauty is to received brushes from which you all know is so far the most favourite brushes and makeup tools of all beauty bloggers. #sigmabeauty

Singapore Beauty Pageant- Indonesia Trip + The Finale!

Ok, Please don’t judge for not posting the Singapore Pageant yet, Too many things happening all at the same time + I have to fly go back and forth to Malaysia – Singapore and Indonesia which was a freakin’ experience for me! The whole pageant was amazing! It was nice being the behind the scenes of what really happens to the contestants and lucky to be friends with everyone! I promise to post them all photos and travel vlog this 2016! and sure is its all worth the wait seeing all the memories!

Clothes Buffet: Blogpost

Disappointment that I was not in the media event for clothes buffet this year. Probably its better not to tell why I wasn’t there. But I am telling ya, I was waiting for it. All the Sweat, Lack of Sleep, Walking early in the morning for the whole day in Bangkok was a great experience being with the people I never thought I would be but they were all very nice to be with, and with one goal of finding the nicest clothes for the Clothes Buffet this year which is very sad for my part that I never got to experience myself seeing all my hard work hanging on the clothes rack, seeing girls going gaga which one to choose, and seeing my contribution of course, but yeah things happens, Just happy that they enjoyed the selection of clothes. Thanks clothes buffet for having me!

Just wanted to tell you guys how much I supported seeties from the start till now, I am happy with all the accomplishments they are getting. Just few things I found out recently, From the time TAP started, From bloggers getting paid posts and some bloggers just have to do a charity post just to genuinely help seeties to promote.

Guess It’s not who supported the community from the start (like us) who gets the first dibs or opportunity, There’s another side of this and other communities that probably you don’t know what’s happening at all and now you are so curious…

I still love seeties, and I’ve always been, I’ll be posting a BLOGPOST JUST ENTIRELY FOR SEETIES on my 100TH Recommendations! So stay tuned! Oh! They have now Brand Ambassadorship and you’re lucky if you got the invitation. Sad I don’t have, Would’ve love to continue to seeties hehe but good luck ya! and All the best to seeties in 2016!

Malaysia Fashion Week – Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week – Blogpost1Blogpost2Blogpost3 – Blogpost4 and the other 2015 shows will be up this 2016! woots! #mbstyloasiafashionweek #mfw #malaysiafashionweek

Malaysia Fashion Week was a disappointment at the start. This 2015, Stylo didn’t invite me for Gala Night, which was sad, I mean,  Thank you so much to WEAR APP and STYLO for the Style Icon Award! I kinda represent Stylo – Malaysia Fashion Week. hahaha

Also, My 1,000RM price worth of shopping never happened, Will update you on my next Stylo Blogpost.

Well, I’m still happy to be remembered by Miss Nancy Yeoh of Malaysia Fashion Week. Love her reaction whenever she sees me haha she always say ” Oh! I know you! You won the Style Icon Award” Well thank you Miss Nancy! Stay gorgeous see you soon!

But yeah It was an amazing year of Stylo fashion shows! Congrats to everyone! All your hard work and lack of sleep, The shows were amazing! Hope to see Stylo Shows again in the future! and yep! Jimmy Choo still looks Jimmy Choo hehe

Top 50 Fashion Bloggers in the World: Blogpost

It surreal to know that the fact that I’ve been MIA for so long posting OOTD’s over my blog, Still the world haven’t gave up on me being a fashion blogger. Love to encounter this blogpost before the year ends knowing that I can still do this! Together with my Babe on the top 2 and me on the top12 isn’t so bad for a ranking for my blog, Ranks is by number of FB page likes.

Moving to Dubai + Farewell Meetup with Friends:

I would like to say thank you all to my friends in this video who made to my farewell meetup even though they were so tired from work and even though they have work the next day, still had to shots tequila with me and eat haha it was an awesome experience with these girls! of course thank you so much to all the friends too who didn’t make it but happy to read their sweet messages on fb and whatsapp. I will all see you next time. So far Dubai is LOVE.

I guess this time, This is where I found out who my real friends are. Who made an effort to come and who messaged me, like they’re going to miss me till the time I come back to KL. Thank you, You guys know who you are.

To all the PR’s – Members of the Company who invited me to their special events, Thank You all so much and each invites and events are memorable for me.

To all the good friends/blogging friends that I’ve met along the way this 2015, Thank you for being a part of my 2015.

To my Bae, @jessytheklchic thanks a lot for helping me out from blogging, house stuffs and all. To @carerynn thanks to both of you being there always ready to face my craziness, randomness, everything and specially handling my BITCHY-ness like a pro!

To all my Sponsors who are still trusting my blog for the past years, Thank you so much & I Appreciate everything!

To all my Readers/Viewers, You are all awesome, Hope everyone will have a healthy, happy and blessed 2016!

If I forgot anything please forgive and let me know in the comment box below so I can edit and insert it to my blogpost, hahaha I am now saying Thank you so much for everything!


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  2. Reading this now is making me cry. You are so much a part of my 2015 as I was for you. Thank you for the opportunities and silly moments we had. 2016 is another year and I bet we will see each other soon 🙂 ❤

    1. aw! miss u so much babe! indeed 2015 was our year together each of every event we were together haha definitely will see u soon! luv u muah!

  3. Sounds like you had a great year. It’s always nice to look back on how the year went and starting on a happy note is good.

  4. Oh my! You did have an incredible year. It looks like you were quit surprised about some of the awesome things that have happened. Cheers to an amazing 2016!

  5. Wow your 2015 was great and fun memories. I love your recap but I mostly love was the Zalora Birthday.

  6. Wow! Your 2015 was one great adventure! I wish I could have squeezed in as much activities as I could, just like what you did. Wishing you the best of 2016!

  7. Looks like you’ve had an amazing year full of fashion related events! I am looking forward to more next year. I hope you have a great New Year!

  8. You had some awesome posts in 2015. It’s always nice learning more about the fashion world on this blog.

  9. COngratulations on 2015! And here’s to hoping that 2016 will bring you more success and opportunities.

    1. thanks babe for being one of the good and real friends I have! Will keep the memories forever! All the best to your family!

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