Christmas Wishlist 2015! (Christmas Gift Ideas) for Bloggers and Youtubers

Hello! Hello! I am back with another post and its the Ultimate Christmas Wishlist 2015! (Christmas Gift Ideas/ Gift Guide) This list is what’s on my mind this past few days haha and yeah, watching youtube videos makes me want to have all these things and somehow reasonable since I am a full-time blogger/youtuber myself.


and No I am not in a rush at all, Just wanted to share things that I wanted to have as part of being a blogger/youtuber, and thought you might wanna know as well and have some fun with this wish-list thing! This is Just a random thing that I am thinking or write while I am drinking my coffee this morning hahaha. And I am thing You might wanna add some of them on your wish list too! Sure is there is something that you can add up to these short lists! Let me know in the comment box below! Enjoy!


Diva Light RingFirst thing I wanted is this Diva light ring which is the top most things I needed for now. Since we have to move to a new country I have to leave most of my stuffs and yes, I have to leave my photography lights and all in Malaysia so I totally need this for my blogging and youtube videos. Proper lighting helps a lot and a must for bloggers/youtubers.

go pro

Go Pro:   Of course! Who does not want a Go pro? I wanted to have this Go Pro Hero 4.  I’ve been wanting to have this for vlogging purposes and somehow it takes super nice wide-angle videos and sharp images which you can carry anywhere, anytime! I know that I only bought my olympus tough few months back and somehow not impressed so much with the photos but so far it is very useful and would recommend if you want a vloggging/underwater camera. But don’t be confused, as I think that Go Pro will always win this fight hahaha


Travel The World: and since my family is now here ins Dubai. I would totally love and take advantage of travelling while we are near to places which are a must to go to and visit. Already did my travel bucket list and can’t wait to visit them one by one!


IMac:  For blogging purposes, I would love to have this IMac. For the reason that my Macbook Air is already busy with so much tabs open everyday. So every time I’ll Open my Imovie, It just lagged and freeze ended up rebooting it. It would help me a lot editing videos on a separate Computer. It would be my Video and Photo Editor Computer all for blogging/youtube purposes.


Nume Curling Wand:  This is only like a random things I wanted for my beauty category on my blog and youtube for some photos/videos tutorials. If I can have a chance to have one, I would love to have these set for myself!

sigma brushes

Sigma Brushes:  Girls loves makeup and brushes, Another random but fave products as well for my blogging/youtube purposes is to have a complete set of sigma brushes or any products from Sigma Beauty, Because who doesn’t want things from Sigma haha . Sigma was kind and generous to have sent me some brushes a while back which you can CLICK ME and read about them and I am totally addicted to all their products. Hopefully I can manage to grab some few bits and pieces of the brushes that I love next year. Must blog like crazy for this hahaha

irresistable me

IrresistableMe: We all want that voluminous hair! Thick hair, Coloured hair and all, and irresistableme is one of those many online store that you can trust to finally have your dream come true. I am lucky enough to received their hair extensions and can’t wait to show it to all of you here on my blog and on my youtube channel.

That’s it I guess, haha I can’t think of anything that I really wanted for Christmas haha but yeah this list can also be all year round. Don’t forget that you can a Camera Model that you really love for taking really nice photos/videos and Let’s add the best Photo-Editing and Video Editing Software that is not free and totally worth adding to your wishlist or gift ideas!

                           photo not mine-credit to:

Of course I wish for a happy family, Good Health, Love and peace all over the world. Hope you guys like this quick Ultimate Christmas Wishlist 2015! (Christmas Gift Ideas/ Gift Guide) wish you can apply as your Wishlist as well.

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Let me know in the comment box below if what other things you would want to receive! I would love to know as well!



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9 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist 2015! (Christmas Gift Ideas) for Bloggers and Youtubers

  1. I would love to have a Go Pro! Not that I travel a lot but my kids do. I love seeing pictures from their trips. Makes me feel like I was with them the whole time.

  2. I’d like to have a Go Pro. Both of my grown boys have one and they love the. I think they’re coool.

  3. I would absolutely love to have Go Pro too! I am going to look into some different photo editing software as soon as I get through the holidays!

  4. Go pro is high on my list. One day I will have them. The Irresistible me hair extension is so awesome, love them too.

  5. They are a bit pricey but they sure are lovely! The go pro has always been on my list as well. I love taking pictures, especially of my kids when we’re out and about.

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