How To: Easy Cat – Leopard Makeup Tutorial for Beginner | @tauyanm

Hello every one! It’s Halloween Time and I filmed a quick video for you all which is How To: Easy Cat – Leopard Makeup Tutorial for Beginner. If you don’t know what to do or who you want to be for halloween. This is a very easy makeup tutorial! I didn’t practise or or planned anything in advance!

Everything is on the spot so I am sure you guys specially those who don’t have any experience in makeup can easily follow my instructions on this video.

Just be extra patient, specially on the nose part, coz I had to re-do the nose twice because I can’t balance both side of the outline on the nose. So just be patient and enjoy doing this makeup look! You can change the colours to be used as well and be creative!

cat leopard makeup tutorial for beginner

CLICK ME or WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW to follow the instructions on how to do this makeup look! Enjoy!

It doesn’t matter which brand of makeup you wanna use, Use anything that you have already. I used the following below:

Cheap Eyeshadow palette which I can’t remember where I bought them haha

Maybelline Liquid eyeliner

SkinSoul Mascara

Maybelline Pencil Liner

Innisfree Eyebrow Liner

Random Cheap Red-sih – Pink Lipstick

Cat Head Band is my daughters hahaha

The important thing is be creative and have fun with all the palettes that you have already, You can change the colours if you don’t have the ones I used in this video and make something out of your own idea!

If you have any questions, Pls, Leave a comment below and would totally love to answer them as soon as!

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