Review: GIFTHING Family Bus Hamper

GIFTHING Family Bus Hamper

No idea what to give to your friend or relatives who just gave birth? or can’t find a very nice but simple gift to a very cute baby? or baby shower events? Fret not! is here to help and rescue you form your miseries!

This store have a wide variety of things you can give as gifts in the future! Totally loving their Hampers which available for girls and boys so you don’t have to worry next time and you know where to find the best gift in town!

GIFTHING Family Bus Hamper

GIFTHING Family Bus Hamper

GIFTHING Family Bus Hamper RM239.90 – is a very cute hamper to give! Bus design best fits for boys! But wait till you see what’s inside! Then you’ll realise that this Hamper bus is fit both for girls and boys!

GIFTHING Family Bus Hamper

First side of the Bus when you open it, You’ll see an discover this very cute Musical plush and Baby bib. Believe me! That music plush is to die for! I even want for my 8 yr old daughter coz the music can make them calm, relax and sleepy.

GIFTHING Family Bus Hamper

When you open the other side you’ll see and discover the following below:

  • Keepsake box
  • First year memory book
  • Photo shoot banner
  • Party hat (Adult x 2 pieces)
  • Party hat (Baby x 1 piece)
  • Thank you card (Design A x 5 pieces)
  • Thank you card (Design B x 5 pieces)

GIFTHING Family Bus Hamper

GIFTHING Family Bus Hamper

To give you an idea how big it is, Above is a photo of my 8 yr old daughter holding it. Yes! It is indeed very cute and for sure you can’t wait to give it to some one too in the future!

Well I guess I am lucky because I reserve this for my friend who just gave birth this month! Sure she’ll love this!

To get one for yourself or Share the news to your friends, You can CLICK ME and visit their website.

You can CLICK ME to Like their facebook page for more updates and designs!

They are available too in HAPPIKIDDO store in Quill City Mall! So bring your friends and enjoy shopping!


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