Philippine Blogging Awards – Vote + Giving Away Roundtrip Tickets to Fukuoka, Japan

philippine blogging awards

Hello guys! Just wanted to write and update my blog today with a very good news from the Philippines! Yeah! I received an email yesterday saying that I am nominated for Philippine Blogging Awards which is unexpected of course, But feeling super proud of myself and to my blog to be one of the bloggers to be nominated, Knowing that there is going to be an actual awarding – Gala Night. Sounds very exciting and fun right? It would be very nice to meet every one on that night too!

Without Further Do, I would love to ask for your precious VOTES and TIME to do the instructions below and support me.

1) CLICK ME to go to the Website.

philippine blogging awards

2) Find & Tick or Check the Box that’s next to my blog name – – #6

philippine blogging awards3) Then Scroll down, Complete the Form By Writing your Complete Name, Email & Phone Number.

philippine blogging awards

And that’s it! Easy, Peasy Steps to Vote for me. TAKE NOTE: that where ever you are in the world you can still VOTE and Support for me. Please leave a comment below if you’re DONE voting for me! Would love to give everyone a shout-out on my next blogpost or youtube video. Big Thanks Everyone! Really Appreciate the time and effort if you vote for me.

The deadline for voting is until October 31, 2015.

Hope you can share this with your friends and support me in this journey! Would be a nice Advance Christmas Gift haha!

P.S. Cebu Pacific is also giving away roundtrip tickets to Fukuoka, Japan at the Gala night (As raffle prizes). So you can CLICK ME to get your tickets, Go to event and you might be the lucky winner to fly to Japan! Good Luck and THANK YOU!



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