Review: Mireica Nutri-Peau Perfecting from Within

MIREICA is developed by LiveLife Biosciences A.G., Switzerland, in collaboration with scientists from Japan, Europe and Switzerland. These scientists are leaders in their individual field of specialty within the interesting and exciting science of anti-aging.

Our skin, the largest organ, is both complex and multi-functional, and therefore has multi-dimensional needs. Scientists now understand that nutrition affects skin health and skin supplements are fast becoming mainstream skincare. A survey of current skin supplements show that most are based around one main active ingredient or on relatively simple ingredients developed many years ago.


Apology for the no make-up (but just lippy lol) photo I look pale but i wanted to show you guys how my face looks like in my everyday life without make up on. I have some how pale or uneven skin tone and some chubby cheeks to go reason why i rarely smile with my teeth out haha.


This is the first time I’ve heard, seen and tried Mireica. I was excited to try this out. This is like a collagen in powdered form that you need to mix in your cold water and drink right away.


In a box is a 30 pieces sachet for you to consume in a month – one sachet per day or 15days- 2 sachets per day. I’ve been trying this out for about 10days now and so far i don’t feel anything weird haha.






I’ve been drinking one sachet per day and so far so good. I’ve been having a hard time to finish one drink as somehow I can taste a bit if a fishy or smells like fishy in the drink which I am not fond of. That’s how I smell it, Although, when you are very thirsty and and you drink this and mix it with a very cold water, It is so easy to finish one glass of water with mireica. Will update you guys in the future when I finish the products already.

Current anti-aging research has discovered some powerful multi-functional ingredients with special properties and functions:

  • 1000 times more potent than conventional Vitamin E in inhibiting lipid per oxidation
  • 40 times higher singlet oxygen quenching rate than beta-carotene
  • stimulate biosynthesis of elastin and collagen
  • improve lipids synthesis, replenish essential skin lipids and restore lipidic balance
  • improve skin barrier function and water-retaining properties
  • superior moisturizing effect with moisturizing ratio of 35%
  • replenish bioactive lipid that regulates cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis
  • inhibit melanogenesis and promote a pigment lightening effect
  • exhibit a stronger whitening effect when compared to ascorbic acid, arbutin and ellagic acids
  • maintaining proliferative activity of skin stem cells
  • up-regulate genes involved in delay of senescence and repair of DNA

Looking forward to a positive result after drinking the 30 pieces of sachet for 30 days. Although, in reality we know that we need to continue the supply, I might be lucky if ever haha. Looking forward to waking up with hydrated, smoother and fewer wrinkles in the next following days.

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