First Impression: SkinSoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara

As we all know, SkinSoul is against harsh habits of the use of any sort of harmful ingredients, which is why our nurturing mascara is 100% paraben and prostaglandin free with natural mulberry extract as its key ingredients.

Natural mulberry extract has been scientifically proven to be rich in polynutrients and vitamin that rejuvenates hair, follicles, promotes hair growth, retains natural hair colour and prevents hair fall. Its Anti-Oxidants content also protects hair follicles from free radical damage.


As I’ve said on my previous about SkinSoul product, I have received the mascara as well for free to write my all honest opinion about it. So far I am loving it and totally love how small it is that I can bring it anywhere. Travel size and simply pretty.


SkinSoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara – Best Seller and customer all time favourite!!

  • 100% paraben and prostaglandin free
  • ZERO use of hair growth chemicals that can cause blurred vision
  • Organic, Natural mulberry extract that nourishes, strengthens and curls lashes.
  • Visibly grows and thickens lashes in 8 weeks (proven result)
  • Voluminous coating that lengthens, curls and defines lashes from tip to top.


Apply the mascara as how you normally do it. The secret is to shake it through your lashes to make it look more thicker and to spread the product on your lashes.


What I love about this mascara is how in just one application, my lashes looks all very thick and longer than the natural look.

It is very easy to remove as well and love that it is 100% paraben free and prostaglandin free. I am still in my 2nd week using the mascara so, till then after 8 weeks, will update my photos and blogpost to show you guys the before and after lashes.

So say Goodbye to painful curlers, fake eyelashes and lash tinting or extensions that can cause allergy and even permanent eyelash fall. Its time to feed your lashes with nourishment and care it needs.

Finally, you can flaunt a more luscious, voluminous, longer and curled eyelashes even after taking off your mascara!

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