Clozette x Blogger Babes Asia Launch

It was one of my memorable experience meeting new people in the same industry as I am now, People in blogging, youtube, fashion, beauty or lifestyle topic, Everyone is amazing. It was a fun and amazing experience too knowing that I can catch up with my old friends whom I never see in fashion or beauty events, Which is very interesting. I guess, Girls gotta be girls and would still be enjoying fashion and beauty whenever age or category their blog is on. ENJOY the PHOTOS below!


Out Favourite Scott! Yay for a group photo in Clozette Event!






Heidi Nazarudin – Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle BloggerSanta Monica, CA
Heidi Nazarudin is a blogger and former investment banker who lived the high live in Tokyo but left when she found out that money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness. In her pursuit of finding real meaning in life, she tried a myriad of different things and eventually found her passion – writing and as an extension, blogging.







With Stephie Lim and Abzsie! New found Friends! Yay!

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Heidi’s Outfit during the Clozette Event x Blogger Babes.


Group photo of everyone in the event! Found me yet? haha and look at the sexy shoes in the front row! Like whuuut!?! haha

Sharing experiences like this event are very helpful in many ways, When we go to event like this, We meet new people and become friends with them and knowing that they enjoy and do the same thing as you do, Is a great point. We grow and learn from each other.

The event won’t be finish without some fun, of course thank you so much to the sponsors who provided prizes and giveaways for all the clozette bloggers who attended the event. I’ve won the KL fashion week ticket and zalora voucher yay! and congrats to those who won other prizes as well.

It was a nice fun day with all the girls! Thanks clozette for the wonderful and fun day and to Heidi as well for providing us and teaching some blogging tips that we need to know in the future.

I’ve met Heidi in KL fashion week Few times as well, But sad that we really never had that moment to talk a lot of stuffs since she is busy as well.

Looking to more clozette events and meeting new people! and would totally love to meet heidi and collaborate with other bloggers I guess in the future, Then that would be so awesome.

I’ve been travelling a lot recently as a blogger and that is another milestone for my blogging career, Hopefully NYFW is my next stop hahaha or something that is totally extra amazing! Till next time everyone!

Will try my best to find my snapchat video for this event so i can show you guys how awesome everyone is during the event.


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