3 Easy Steps for a Great Looking Skin!

It is important for us Girls and for Boys as well to have a Great looking skin. We need to look fresh and presentable as well, As People look straight to our face while we communicate and so we always need to keep track on what’s the latest and the best skin products for our skin.


Pollution and Stress that we face everyday makes our skin dirty, oily, dull, dry , etc. That is why we need to do the easiest and effective way to care for your skin is regular cleansing, toning & moisturizing.

Today, I’ll introduce to you the 3 step on how to achieve the great looking skin using these amazing and affordable products.


Cleansing is the most effective way of removing dust, dirt and dead layer from your skin. It is also meant for cleaning the previously applied make up.

-Using the Clean&Clear Foaming Facial wash will helps us remove dirt easily. Helps prevents Pimples, Oily Shine and Blackheads.

-To Use: Just apply enough portion of the product on your palm and apply it on your face and neck.


Toning helps in removing any residual dirt or cleanser on the face. It also helps in restoring the natural pH level of the skin, making it ready for being hydrated.

-Using the Clean&Clear Oil Control Toner will works deep in your pores to control oil. Will prevent Acne as well.

-To Use: Just Get a Cotton Pad and apply enough portion of the product and wipe the cotton pad with toner on your face and neck.


Moisturizing helps in restoring the natural moisture to your face and making it more soft, supple and glowing.

-Using the Clean&Clear Moisturizer will makes your skin smooth and not dry. It will moisturize your face without the greasiness for oily blackhead prone and pimple prone skin.

-To Use: Apply a small amount on your palm and Spread evenly on your face.


That’s it! Easy as 1-2-3. All you need is this pack of Travel Size Clean and Clear products for a superb amazing good looking skin everyday that won’t hurt your pocket!

Looking after your skin is very important specially we are growing old and age-ing. Looking after our skin using this products will help prevent signs of age-ing and pimples or acne and oily skin.

Having a nice skin is must as it boost confidence in our everyday life. It helps us face the world with full confidence.


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