First Impression: SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set

Skin Shield is an all-natural skincare range formulated in Switzerland, whose heritage is world-renowned for research and innovation in beauty and personal care. Their Products are in adherence to the highest quality standards of international good manufacturing practice.

Their Skins Shield skincare range is made from pure organic ashitaba and a fusion of other precious botanical extracts with powerful benefits that work in synergy for ultimate skin renewal in the kindest manner.


I haven’t tried skinsoul products before although, I’ve heard them from other beauty bloggers and seen them on facebook before. It is a very interesting products as they have everything from skincare and cosmetics as well.

I have received the products and looking forward to a positive results when I finish them, Since I only started using them only for a week now.


Packaging are really good and looking nice! Love the uniform look and colour and how neat they pack their products.


Hydra-Purifying Cleanser: Packed with skin vitamins and minerals from ashitaba encapsulated in pure swiss glacier water that gently washes out impurities, excess sebum and pollution while nourishing that skin’s softness and suppleness.

My Say: Product is really good as it not oily when you apply it on your face. After Applying it on your face, It leaves your skin smooth like you didn’t apply anything at all. At first, I thought it would be Oily, as when you test the product the first time, It looks like an oil-liquid and smells like those special Oils , But then when you spread it out and clean your face it will leave your skin smooth instead and clean of course.


Lift and Bright Serum: To Target ageing at the core, this serum has been formulated with smaller molecules of ashitaba’s anti-ageing essence that can penetrate into the deepest layers of skin to restore skin elasticity and firmness.

My Say: Packaging is very cute! It dries out pretty fast so when you apply it on your face make sure to spread it out on your face quickly. It doesn’t have any smell so it won’t affect the smells of other skincare products that you are using. I love Serum! I never skip putting serum on my face as it is a number one product that can help your face to absorb the other products you’re using.


Hydrating, Energizing, and Pore-Refining Lotion: This light-weight lotion can be used both as part of your daily skincare routine that can be applied anytime through-out the day. To hydrate and energise your skin within.

My Say: The Lotion product is not really like a regular lotion looking thing. It is more of an Oil or water Based. When you apply it on your skin, You may feel like the same as  how lotion feels when you spread it in your skin which is good. Apply it quick all over your face as it dried quickly. You may feel a little bit heavy on your face when you apply it.


12 in 1 Suncare Day Cream SPF50: This 12-in-1 light textured and easily absorbed day cream goes the extra mile by acting as both a powerful skin care with sun protection and as makeup foundation that blends to any skin tone, Thanks yo unique benefits of Ashitaba enriched properties.

My Say: I have to say that I really like this 12-in-1 suncare day cream. As it acts and helps and saves me time when I am in hurry, specially when travelling as it has SPF50. I won’t need to bring so many things in my bag when I travel as this products does all the job that I needed. I noticed the minimum amount of how sunblock smells like, Although, This product is super light-weight when I apply it to my skin which is good. Imagine putting BB Cream in your face haha.

Night Cream: The Ashitaba-enriched night cream is designed to work in synergy your skin’s natural regeneration cycle by depositing encapsulated retinol in precise concentrations that is time-released for constant skin reconditioning through-out the night.

My Say: Another product not to be missed. Although, It won’t replace my facial mask at night, This one still does the job of moisturizing and conditioning your face. It doesn’t dry out my face and i don’t feel like elasticity on my face when I apply it so I can skip my moisturizer when i have this product with me. The Smell is surprisingly really nice! and non-sticky to my face.

My Verdict: 

I have tried all the products on my face for a week and so far I don’t get any pimples or any bad effects on my skin for a week of using it. I love how light-weight it feels when I apply it on my face altogether and I feel happy that finally I can use one complete set of products all by SkinSoul Brand.

Some of them have smell as you’ve read it although, after finishing applying all of the products, The smell will be vanished and you can apply your favourite makeup routine then.

Recommended to everyone who wanted to try it and looking for travel sets which is very nice. If you have sensitive skin, you may wanna try it for a week and see how it goes as we all have different skin condition. I don’t have sensitive skin that’s why maybe i don’t get any negative results, so its always important to try and read the ingredients.

Remember that all SkinSoul Products are guaranteed 100% Paraben Free and Lead Free. 

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