How to Convert Fashion Pictures from TIFF to JPG

Assuming you aren’t a graphic designer, odds are you may not have even heard of TIFF before. It is one of those formats that is extremely useful for professionals because it is used for raster graphic files and can store some extremely high quality images along with other information such as layers and stylization. Sometimes the pictures that you get from fashion shows will be in TIFF format because it is favoured by photographers too – but the downside is that these pictures will typically come with large file sizes and so storing a lot of them can become quite demanding.

The ideal solution is simple: Convert your TIFF pictures to a more friendly compression such as JPG. Granted you may lose a bit of quality in the process but the amount of space you save will be tremendous and it will be a lot easier to work with JPG pictures if you’re an average user.


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With the help of the Movavi Video Converter, switching your fashion pictures from TIFF to JPG is actually almost trivially simple. All you need to do is:

Click the Add Image button and select the file (or files) that you want to convert
Click the Convert To option and select JPEG from the Image Formats section
Specify the folder you want to save the pictures to in the Destination field
Click the Convert button

Because of the software’s emphasis on being user-friendly, you’ll find that you’re able to quickly become accustomed to using it. As you can well imagine based on its name alone, it actually has a ton of other features too that you can opt to try out if you feel like tweaking your picture more or maybe even converting any videos that you have lying around.

Whatever the case, once you convert TIFF to JPG you’ll find that the space the pictures consume is definitely dramatically reduced. Go ahead and compare the source file to the JPG file after conversion if you want to see just how much space you’re saving.

In the long term, keeping your fashion pictures around in JPG will allow you to store more pictures in a limited space. That being said, the conversion process can work both ways so if you need to convert from JPG to TIFF for whatever reason – you’ll have the tools to do so too!


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