First Impression: SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes – Makeup remover

Putting Soul Back into your skin for true beauty from within. At SkinSoul, They Believe that skin has its own life force – its own soul – that radiates with natural beauty and youthful glow when properly nourished and taken care of.

However, exposure to pollutants, stress, the dehydrating effects of  air-conditioning, the harsh effects of the sun and even the makeup we apply daily can drain your skin of its souls, leaving your skin dry, dull, patchy and lacking in elasticity making it looked aged and unattractive.

The only true way to restore your skin’s beautiful, youthful radiance is to directly feed your skin’s soul with the best nourishment that the miracles of nature have to offer, and this is where SkinSoul comes in.


As a Blogger, I have to look after my skin everyday, I wear makeup everyday when I go to events. It is important to me to find the perfect makeup remover to easily clean my skin, specially using waterproof mascara is a hard work just to take it off.

SkinSoul was introduced to me and happy to be received one whole pack of makeup remover for trial and see what happens.


As I only got this product not more than a week yet, I will be calling this blogpost “First Impression”

The packaging is really which I like to compress and take out air from inside so it won’t dry out after I use it. The same packaging as my previous makeup remover although. SkinSoul really sticks back after the cover which is really good.


Upon opening the cover of the makeup remover, You will totally notice how amazing the smell is. Definitely the 4 Essential Oils thats in the Ingredients which are: Lavender Oil, Olive oil, Flower Oil, and Fruit Oil.

Love how it is indeed noticeably Ultra Soft as the packaging say, I did compare it to my previous makeup remover and it is a little bit thicker but more softer than my previous one.


As you use it, You just need to take 1 towelette and place it on top of your eyes with eyeshadow and mascara. Tap it a little bit and after few seconds, rub gently away to your eyes and you’ll see how it can remove your makeup really quick.

It Special Key Features are:

  • Gentle but effectively lift away all traces of dirt, oil and makeup, even stubborn mascara.
  • Oil Dissolves go deep down to remove pore-clogging Impurities without over drying your face,
  • While a blend of soothing nutritive oils conditions and hydrates skin with vitamins.

I would be gladly to insert a youtube video here to show you guys how easy to use this SkinSoul Makeup Remover, But then I have few more exciting products from SkinSoul that I wanted to show you guys and thought that I should film them all at the same time. So make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel:  to be updated!

So my verdict is a YES! Indeed very effective to easily help remove makeup on my face specially waterproof mascara. It does smell very nice and PARABEN FREE. Leaving your skin feeling smooth, hydrated and moisturised after a long day!

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