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The Power of Lipstick

Lipstick may set fashion trends, but sometimes it rebels against economic ones – it was Leonard Lauder, chairman of Estee Lauder, who declared that lipstick sales actually increase during times of poor economic health. Whether or not economists agree with the theory, lipstick is often considered the first and final frontier of beauty and not easily given up! For many women, lipstick is the first (and sometimes only) product they will apply, and the last to be neglected if short on time or cash.

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I am so happy to have a chance to try and review 3 kinds of lipstick which I am sure you guys are excited about. Of course! Girls love lipsticks! It wrap-up and complete our full make up look just like in fashion! Each of us have at least 2 or more lipstick that we keep or our own favourites that we bring every where we go.

You can CLICK ME and see other types of lipsticks available and you’ll be surprise how amazing and gorgeous lipsticks colour or varieties we have now.

Scroll below and read what I have to say about the 3 lipsticks I got from Enjoy the VIDEO too!

luxola review

luxola review

luxola review

luxola review

So for the first Lipstick it is Called Sleek Make Up in OMG! Shade which I really love! CLICK ME to see other shades! I, Myself love colour striking lipstick shades. So I always make sure I grab the most intense and amazing colours. For the OMG! shade of Sleek Make up, I love how it can go so well with my minimal Eye Shadow Makeup. I don’t normally wear blush on because it is too hot for me living in Malaysia so I prefer intense lipstick and Nice eyeshadows.

This OMG! shade can be use at night especially when you love to party and go to club with friends or just a casual or formal dinner with amazing eyeshadow colours.  It is very pigmented, So creamy and easy to apply. Fit to any Skin Colour.

About: Pucker up for that classic, matte effect. With this lipstick, you can be sure to expect long-lasting, chic lip colours without busting the bank. If looking good just isn’t enough for you, True Colour promises to hydrate and protect your lips with vitamins.

Benefits: Contains 6 highly pigmented variety of shades – Smooth, creamy and glides on with ease – Creates a soft and buttery texture on lips -Nourishes lips with Vitamin E. Only: RM47

luxola review

luxola review

luxola review

Next lipstick is the Zoeva in Tender Rose Shade. CLICK ME to see other shades! I am not really fancy about this colour. Although, I thought I should try other shades rather than pinks and red shades. This Zoeva in Tender Rose shade can make your lips really full or gives you a much more pouty lips looking like Kylie haha.

Tender Rose shade can wear in the day or night as well, a perfect lipstick shades to bring inside your bag to be ready any where or any occasion you might have. It is very creamy too! Tho, you have to retouch some other parts of your lips to make it look precise as it more of a frosty shades or colour as you can see on my photos above. Available in 5 shades.

About: The ZOEVA Lip Crayon is a chunky lipstick pencil with a super light and creamy formula. It is developed in five natural yet glamorous shades that give your lips sharp colour and a fine shiny finish. This product is also very smooth, as it melts naturally like butter on your lips for a visibly soft and plump effect.

Benefits: Infused with pearl powder, vitamin E, jojoba oil and chamomile that ensure smooth, plumped and moisturised lips. – Available in five natural shades. – Safe and dermatologically approved. Only: RM34

luxola review

luxola review

luxola review

Next is my Next favourite of mine, The Luscious in Chilli shade. CLICK ME to see other shades! Totally in-love with this shade too! as I’ve said above, I love colourful and striking colour lippies. This lipstick as you might notice on the photos above is kinda look like the Sleek in OMG! shade but it is not. Chilli shade is more of a darker reddish colour shade where the OMG! shade is more of a lighter orangey colour. You can WATCH MY VIDEO below to see the real-time comparison of the colours.

You’re gonna love this lipstick as it has 10 other shades to choose from which I can’t wait to get one of them soon! Very creamy like the other 2 lipsticks above. Very easy to apply and very pigmented. You only need to swatch and apply once and you can get all the colour you need! Perfect for night out too or those days when you don’t wanna wear makeup but just lipsticks to lighten your day!

About: The brand and name say it all! Luscious’ Super Moisturizing Lipstick give colour and luster to your delicate pucker  with its creamy and moisturizing formula enriched with Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil. Healthy lips never looked this gorgeous with this product which guarantee all day comfort and natural colour.

Benefits: Vitamin E and Grape Seed oil keep lips moisturized and supple. -Pigment stays long without constant touch-ups -Comfortable to use and maintains natural-looking lips. Only: RM51.50


Luscious in Chilli is more of a creamy pigmented dark reddish shade. Sleek in OMG! is more of creamy pigmented lighter orangey shade. Zoeva in Tender Rose is in the shade of creamy frosty rosey pink. All 3 lipsticks are recommended! CLICK ME to see other shades of lipsticks available at



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