Limited Edition Tokushima Ramen + New Chef’s Special Only at Ippudo

Limited Edition Chef’s Special Ramen will be available this July 6, 2015 and you guys must really try this. Was lucky to be invited once again by Ippudo, This Time in Pavilion Branch in Bukit Bintang. Had a chance to meet the chef and listen to the amazing discoveries of unique ramen that you can only find in Ippudo.

Take Note, That Ippudo lowered the prices for their Ramen although, GST are here in Malaysia. So if you guys will eat out with your friends and family, I recommend that you will try the New Tokushima Ramen Limited edition plus the other Specials they have in store for you!

The New Tokushima Ramen Taste very unique compare to other ramen they have. Noodles are bit thicker than usual. The tender and cooked to perfection meat is just right on top of the egg-yolk, Mix well right after they served it to you so it will thickens and mixed well to the soup which will later taste amazing! If you don’t fancy the uncooked egg on top of your Ramen, You can request on how you wanna cook it or if you want to have it with egg or not, as they always say, customer is always right.



TOKUSHIMA RAMEN RM25++: Chicken and pork broth mixed together with dark soy sauce to create a rich and savoury flavour. Served with Ippudo straight noodles and topped with generous slices of pork belly (butabara) simmered in onion fused soy sauce, green onions (negi) and bamboo shoots (menma) A raw egg on top adds complexity to the broth.

Ramen as always is amazing when eating them at Ippudo. This time the sauce tasted with extra boost with the raw egg added on top of it which makes it different and give you more taste of Ramen variety they have.



CHEESE MENTAIKO GYOZA RM17 : Lightly torched melted cheese topped with cod roe sauce on Ippudo’s home-made pan fried gyoza.

This is different compare to the other gyoza I tried before. Melted Cheese adds extra kick, But Must eat right away upon serving so the cheese won’t get dry and eat it while creamy and yummy. Gyoza is still consistent with taste always the best.




SALMON FISH AND CHIPS RM23 : Deep fried salmon with home-made tartar sauce, served with potato wedges drizzled with spicy thai chilli sauce and sour cream.

I’ve never had fish and chips served like this before. It is my first time to see it served like this. More appetizing and amazing presentation. Well cooked and love the chips with thai chilli sauce on top. Of course the taste is still lovely.


tokushima ramen

KIMCHI TOFU WITH BOILED PORK RM13 : Warm tofu topped with spicy kimchi and pork slices.

This would be my favourite. 3 of my fave in one dish. Tofu, kimchi and pork! But don’t under estimate this dish as it is indeed yummy and savoury, not dry and all of the 3 blends and tasted so good. Can’t beat the affordable price of it!

tokushima ramen

Of course don’t miss their thirst quencher drinks! Always refreshing and best partner to every Ramen and new dishes in Ippudo.

Ippudo always surprise us with amazing unique and delicious foods from their best Chef’s and to that, Who wouldn’t want to try this New Tokushima Ramen and the 3 Specials starting this July 6! Don’t miss it and Be updated!

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~Pavilion KL
11am – 10pm (daily)
~The Gardens, KL
10.30am – 10pm (daily)
~Bangsar Shopping Centre
11am – 12am (daily)


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