Big Spoon at Setia Walk Puchong

Big Spoon Craze is here and you’re literally eating straight from a Big Spoon as it is going to be your plate when they serve it to you with your preferred food. So its either you’re up for a challenge and eat all the foods straight from the Big Spoon which sounds kinda crazy but fun haha or you may use chopsticks or spoon and fork of course.

Located in The shopping mall at Setiawalk, Puchong. D-7-G, Block D, Setiawalk, persiaran wawasan (opposite subway setia walk mall beside ???) CLICK ME for map/navigation and you can CLICK ME to like their facebook page and be updated!



• Tomatoes in sweet Osmanthus sauce.
One of the most popular appetizers during summer. Chilled tomatoes tossed with homemade osmanthus glaze to give it a refreshing sweet and sour taste with subtle fragrance of osmanthus to stimulate appetite in a hot summer afternoon.


• Oriental Salad – RM1.90
Fresh, crisp, and cold combination of Iceberg Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and Fried Wonton Wrap. Drizzled with oriental flavor salad dressing (Soy sauce, Peanut butter, vinegar, sugar, black bean hot sauce)



• Pan Fried Dumplings – RM3.90
Pan fried northeast china handmade Dumplings stuffed with chicken and napa cabbage. Go well together with house special black bean hot sauce or the combination of vinegar and house special hot oil.


Boiled Dumplings

• Fried Spring Roll – RM3.90
Iconic item on menu of Chinese restaurant in America. Handmade deep fried spring roll. Served with house special dipping sauce.


• The Cold Chicken Noodles (RM 1.90)
are served with shredded chicken, cucumber and drizzled with flavourful house made sauce and sesame seeds.


• Crispy Taro Roll – RM4.90
A homemade hot dessert or snack stuffed with taro root paste which has neither artificial coloring nor flavoring with two ends of fragrant sesame seed.


• Strawberry butter cream prawns
Big size wild catch sea prawns from South China Sea cooked to perfection to ensure the best texture and freshness. Served with butter cream sauce which is sweet and savory. Garnish with strawberry to cut through the richness and bring out the flavor of the Prawns.


• Golden Pear Essence Dessert – RM4.90
A 3hours-slow-cooked clear soup with Pear, white fungus, wolfberries, and rock sugar.



All of the foods they served was all good. Found new dishes that I liked too! The High-light or the most favourite or more votes is the very unique dessert Strawberry Butter Cream Prawns which was amazing and I bet you can only try and taste it at Big Spoon.

The restaurants ambiance is pretty simple with all the wooden details around. Quick and nice people will greet and serve you while you are there. Perfect place to go with your family and friends. This is One of the place You can recommend your new travel buddy friends or western or new to this country to try a new way of eating or serving the foods to them.

I found Big Spoon a very unique place to have a chit chat and chill and discover a new way to have your foods. Though the place is an Open restaurant, I can still feel that bit of humid hot weather, But mostly cool once you settled inside with your drinks, Everything will be fine as they have fan/AC inside.

Reasonable price for each serving. The foods are Picture Ready for all those instagrammers out There or if you just wanna share it anywhere on your social media. This is just too cute not to have their photo taken to think that they taste delicious too!

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