Orlando Offers A Number of Hotel Options

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is Orlando. The warm weather, the presence of theme parks, and a number of easy to access entertainment options makes the city located in the middle of Florida a hotbed of tourist activity. Orlando hotels vary greatly on location, price, and amenities, which makes choosing the right option the key to a memorable vacation. In short, taking some time to evaluate the different options can reveal the perfect property for any sized travel budget, and using internet travel sites, like Hipmunk, in the planning process is a great idea.

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Because Orlando is home to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, travelers planning to visit any of the sprawling theme parks are generally better off selecting a hotel close to those attractions. While the price might be a bit higher than staying farther away, the time saving factor of getting back and forth is usually too good to pass up. That being said, choosing a hotel based on proximity to the desired attractions is paramount in the planning process. Orlando is a massive area, which means there is always a hotel close to the desired attraction.


As with any vacation planning experience, price can be a deal breaker for any traveler. Just about every imaginable price range is present in the Orlando hotel market. From budget price to luxury accommodations to Airbnbs, any type of setting is generally available. The closer to a major attraction the higher the nightly rate, but price has another significant variable—time of year. Traveling during peak season will result in higher room rates; whereas, planning a trip off-season can result in substantial savings. Using internet planning sites to evaluate the different rates is a great way to figure out the best time to travel.


Since Orlando is a popular family destination, travelers can expect a fair amount of family friendly amenities. Valuable items like included breakfasts, massive swimming pools, and nightly entertain are all readily available. However, one of the most important hotel offerings in Orlando is free transportation. Since traveling to the city for one of the theme parks or another attraction is pretty common, many properties offer free shuttles to and from the facilities. Not only will this service remove the rental car expense from the planning process, but travelers that plan accordingly will be able to swiftly navigate the maze of roads to maximize the entertainment value.


Eating is an important part of any vacation experience. If visitors are hoping to cook their own meals to stretch the budget, finding a hotel with different kitchen options is a must. In addition, travelers that fancy different dining options will be looking for facilities that offer more than a single restaurant. In short, dining habits and options should be considered.

In the end, the Orlando area offers a number of suitable hotel properties. Finding a perfect match with regards to location, price, and amenities is possible with the help of travel planning sites. Getting back and forth after a long day at a theme park is an important aspect that many travelers should not underestimate. A little bit of planning goes a long way in getting the family vacation pulled off without a hassle, which makes it an important decision.

This article was written and provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the ultimate platform for all your travel needs.

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