Spring Outfit Ideas Under RM30!

Finding new spring outfit ideas can be difficult, especially when the weather isn’t quite as warm as you’d like. Its a bit of a mix emotions when choosing what to wear everyday. Mix and matching can be hard at times and you just can’t decide what to wear for your Spring OOTD. Well, Lets make this fashionable looks a lot more easier with my blogpost today. Below are the easiest prints you definitely need for spring so don’t you guys miss it! Enjoy!

You guys can click the RED NAMES of the outfits to see other designs and colours of the dresses!

spring outfit ideas

1) Stripes! – This is a must for spring which I know most of you guys own at least 1 of this print inside your closet. I love prints as gives your overall look with a kick. Nice to bring inside your luggage when travelling for that effortless look.

spring outfit ideas

2) Florals! – Who doesn’t love florals? I mean this is the best prints ever for us girls and I am sure that all of us owns a gazillion pieces inside our closet which is good as this print is versatile and we can wear it pretty much everyday!

spring outfit ideas

3) Lace! – Omg! This just scream SPRING! inside my mind while I’m looking at it. This is just a breezy piece to have for spring! I would totally wear this with a nice sneaker and Denim jacket or with a scarf!

spring outfit ideas

4) Checkered! – Checkered is piece that sometimes very hard to wear specially when it is in coloured. Unless it is black and white coordinates then you’ll be in safe side. You can play around with it and wear a blazer to keep the checkered prints silent.

spring outfit ideas

5) Colours! – Of course it is Spring! That means you need to take out all the coloured outfits you got and enjoy the colours as the Spring does with all the flowers blooming! Its all about enjoying the fresh bloomed flowers and enjoy your outfit too!

Hey! That was easy don’t you think? You can just get all these prints and enjoy the Spring effortlessly and what’s good is, All of these are Under RM30! Yes! You read it right! All thanks to cincaibuy.com for selling this budget-friendly clothes without making our wallets sad and making all of us happy!

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