Skin Trade Special Movie Screening

skin trade

skin trade

skin trade

After his family is killed by a Serbian gangster with international interests, NYC detective Nick goes to S.E. Asia and teams up with a Thai detective to get revenge and destroy the syndicates human trafficking network.

Story Sypnosis

New Jersey detective, Nick Cassidy (Dolph Lundgren) heads to Bangkok where he teams up with Thai detective, Tony Vitayakui (Tony Jaa) to hunt down Viktor Dragovic (Ron Pearlman) and destroy his human trafficking network. Nick had inadvertently killed Dragovic’s son in a sting operation on the New Jersey docks, and Dragovic responded by attempting to kill Nick and his family. Nick miraculously survived the brutal attack, but his wife and daughter were killed.

With nothing but vengeance to live for, Nick and Tony traverse their way through the Bangkok underworld in search of the elusive Dragovic. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Eddie Reed (Michael Jai White) is sent in to bring Nick home. But as the explosive crossfire ensues, Nick has to determine who his true allies are…

My Verdict:

The movie was full of energy and intense fight scenes! From start to finish it was full of action moves. Two man trying to save their loved ones and get revenge which is the main thing or reason for me why both of them are in the same place.

If you want or love an action film or movie which doesn’t bore you at all, This is the movie for you. I love how the fights are in different form as I see it. Tony (thai guy) is using more of a ninja or karate moves. Super quick and full of energy like you won’t even see that he gets so tired. On The other hand, Nick (western guy) Is more of a boxing moves. He is way more older than the thai guy hence,  You might notice in their fight scenes that he is on the floor most of the time and the thai guy is getting all the scores. Though it doesn’t mean that the western guy always lost the game, Coz he is way more bigger in terms of body built, hand, height and everything. Se every punch and cialis superactive kick the thai guy will fly away!

The movie was great, as both of them are fighting for their loved ones and at the same time Knowing that they killed the Guy Viktor (russian guy) who owns the business of human trafficking and let all the girls free!

It sad to know that most of the girls are not so lucky with their parents, As their parents sold them to Viktor (russian guy) to work in the club or bring them to other different countries to sell to different business men or to supply girls to their clubs.

For me, Skin Trade is a movie which will open up the new generations (kids) eyes, on how big human trafficking, Not just in Asia but in other countries too.

I would like to thanks click > GRABNOCOST < AND click > SEETIES.ME < for the Special Screening! Don’t forget to like their facebook pages. It was nice seeing and meeting the rest of the seeties experts who went to the movie too! Till next time!


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