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Conjuring Spirit

After Lan divorces her husband, she takes her five-year-old son to an apartment in her sister`s building. The apartment has been abandoned for quite some time due to strange incidents, but Lan does not care much about it as she has bigger worries on her mind. Soon, Lan befriends Vu, who lives in the apartment below hers. Both Lan and her son start experiencing strange things each night, so she decides to investigate while accompanied by Vu. All the clues lead to a revengeful spirit with her unborn child. What will happen to Vu, Lan and her son? (source)

Language: Vietnamese
Classification: P13
General Release Date: 09 Apr 2015
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 1 Hour 46 Minutes
Cast: Phuong Mai, Quang Su, Chi Pu
Director: Van M. Pham
Format: 2D


Hi everyone! Couple of weeks ago! (i think) I had a chance to be able to watch the movie Conjuring Spirit! Thanks to and Grabnocost for sponsoring the tickets for the seeties experts who went with me in the movie at ecurve Cineplex.

So as I’ve said this post is a bit of a spoiler alert but I will try hard not to say the full story so you guys can watch and enjoy the movie with your friends too!

I was expecting to watch the Conjuring Hollywood version of this movie, Which most of the bloggers who  were with me thought the same thing as well so We all ended up laughing while we were waiting for the movie and just talking about it. Happens that one of the girls informed us that this is not the version of hollywood movie but the Vietnamese version which is cool! Though majority were expecting the international version.

Well, We all knew it was our fault as seeties already posted the photo in their facebook group but most of us didn’t even bother googling or getting some infos about the movie haha It was a fun conversation tho, specially most of the people who came up were all knew to me! Like I’ve never seen them before so it is like a good idea for seeties to do things like this and meet other seeties experts in person and not just in the internet.


The movie is ahhhh… ma….zing! I’ve never expected it to be that good. It was a mix of super horror, scary lay-out and at the same time with some comedic scenes which is quite really good to take sometime for yourself to breathe and relax from being so nervous and scared and being frightened and shocked during the whole movie, and that is, if you have some sense of humour haha! Still depends upon the person who’s watching. hehe

Take note that the movie is in vietnamese language, so the whole cast and everyone talks in Vietnamese words. Though, Don’t be disappointed as there are 3 types of Subtitles on the screen (english, chinese, malay?) which you can follow while watching the movie and you won’t miss any plot of the story.

I’ll rate this movie as 8/10. I’ve been watching horror movies every night and I mean every night ok? Unless I am in a event or out some where haha. So yeah, The movie is not really bad, Believe me, I’ve seen worst like worst that I regret watching it and wasted my time. Though this movie is good and worth watching.

You know the feeling when you are watching a Japanese, korean or thailand horror movie where you can’t even understand a thing and you just needed to rely on the movie picture itself? That feeling! I feel so scared and shock when I am watching this kind movies. Some how their movies are really good! Am I right?

This movie is good in a part where, I don’t have any freakin’ idea what will happen next! I can’t read the whole movie plot, which is good for me, If you will watch it till the end of the movie, you will end up scratching your head as the movie have a really BIG TWIST haha like a super twist in the story which all of you can only find out at the end of the movie, So don’t Miss the last part.

I guess that is all I can comment for now, Let me know if you wanted me to do the MOVIE Story Telling ok? haha

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