E.V.E 6 in 1 Day Cream Review + Giveaway!!

E.V.E 6-IN-1 Day Cream is a blend of Ionic Colloidal Silver (Nano), Austrian Deep Moor, Aloe Vera, Hydrating Algae Extract & Hyaluronic Acid. A unique multifunction Day Cream which is excellent in simultaneously Revitalizing, Smoothening, Softening, Moisturizing, Healing & Nourishing the skin and also offers protection against sun damage for daily care of your skin with SPF 15.

Hello guys! Another E.V.E product for us to discover today. After trying out this product for a couple of weeks, Here is a quick review about it, Please scroll down below to know more about this Day Cream.

Since I received this 6 in 1 Day Cream together with the All in 1 Miracle Soap Bar, (CLICK ME for the review about it) I did combine and tested both at the same week, Which I know, It can give me the maximum effect and good results.

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eve, beauty blogger, malaysia

eve, beauty blogger, malaysia

eve, beauty blogger, malaysia

eve, beauty blogger, malaysia

eve, beauty blogger, malaysia

eve, beauty blogger, malaysia

eve, beauty blogger, malaysia

eve, beauty blogger, malaysia

eve, beauty blogger, malaysia

Of course we, girls, are always attractive with packaging. It is the first thing we see and fall in love with when we shop for beauty products. 6 in 1 day cream have the same blue and white coloured box with an additional or extra carton inside for safety when delivering it to customers.

The Bottle is indeed a Beautiful and Elegant design showing the Brands Name in a Silver Colour. It looks like a bit of a glass with silver lining so It might break if you drop it, So gotta be a bit careful and hold it properly when using.

What I love about the bottle or the packaging is, It looks like one of those Super Expensive bottles out in the market, thus, it is budget-friendly, I can recommended it to everyone. I love how it is in a Pump kind of bottle. Pumps are very good since I can always control how much cream I need.

The Cream is all in colour full White. Notice the smell as well while I’m trying it and kinda smells like some face powder but cannot recall the name. Don’t fret, Because the smell fades away after applying so it wont cause you any problem with that.

Another thing  I love about this product is how a Small portion or pea size of the cream can go a long way! It reminds me of my  expensive cream long time ago which I totally love. Since it spreads very quick all over your face, you will notice after wards the feeling of super smooth and moisturised skin! I have dry skin so this is a Winner for me. Best for all skin types!

Some information about the Product below:

Price: 90RM – net wt. 0.5 fl oz / 15ml

The 5 Key Ingredients

– Austrian Deep Moor:Revitalizing effect.
– Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is known for its wonderful and outstanding properties such as smootherning, softening, and moisturizing.
– Hydrating Algae Extract: Normalize the skin’s moisture content and provide suppleness to the epidermis.
– Hyaluronic Acid: Deeply moisturizes the skin.
– Ionic Colloidal Silver: It is know for its excellent antiseptic and healing properties for skin conditions.

-For People of All Ages and Skin Types.


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Start Date: 11th March 2015 ~~ End Date: 18th March 2015

Visit their Website: E.V.E Website and their FaceBook Page.

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