Party Hairstyle Ideas By Hairco Salon

This holiday season, I bet every one is so busy doing shopping and spending time with their family, friends or loved ones. So much gatherings and parties to go to and we, girls, somehow are running out of ideas on how to style our hair. I have so much hair and it is so long and thick. If you are following any of my social media accounts (search for @tauyanm on fb, Ig, twitter) you’ll know what am I saying and I am not exaggerating at all.

I am a super busy blogger! yeah, hashtag #bloggeronthemove but like seriously, I am so busy running errands, going to events from one place to another its not an easy job to do plus with my hair so long and thick, Imagine how can I even look after it for so long now. I don’t really style my hair, unless I am in the mood which never happened haha I always have my hair down long and silky jet black. I love it like that and I never get tired of it. The truth is I never had short hair.

HAIRCO salon is located at The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City S235A Next to Isetan on the 2nd floor and if you are reading this, You are just some how lucky knowing that HAIRCO is having a promotion this festive season for party hairstyle ideas! Name it! Hair Party Updo’s you can go and grab in their salon and enjoy the promotion while you can! Don’t spend so much time styling your hair! HAIRCO is here to help you! Give your precious time with your family will ya? hehe


Amazing hairstyles we got from HAIRCO! Looks so fab, unique and amazing right? Which one you like? Let me know in the comment box below.


My hairstylist on that day is Calvin. CLICK ME to follow him on Instagram! Such a great guy being so patient with my hair that day. You guys know how much I hate going to salon. Specially when I see grumpy face of who ever my hairstylist is that day. Last august I went to this “famous salon” It was a bit of a nightmare. Will probably blog about it when I have time. If you are in Malaysia you probably know this salon. As celebrities and fashion week people go to this Hair toupee salon hehe.



Yep! Calvin tried another hairstyle that day, but because I told you my hair is so stubborn it is very hard to curl.




yes! That is a bar up there! Amazing right? Of course We didn’t miss a drink while we are enjoying our hair makeover.





Feeling so Christmasy in their Salon! Look at those Chanel! I can just grab them! So near yet so far haha


And for those who wants some privacy, HAIRCO never fails to impress me. Check this out! A private room just for you!


This is how HAIRCO salon front looks like. My blogger buddy @jessytheklchic always modelling for me.








Our group photo! We look so chic! Did I say that all of the crew there were all so friendly! Some are shy but then, It is always important when you feel comfortable & homey in a place since you will be staying there and sitting for a period of time. They also have some fab lace wigs in store.


Calvin and I! Can I pass as an Ambassador or Model of HAIRCO Salon? pls. say yes haha. Calvin was so nice to me! He gave me some advice and some ideas on what kind of hairstyles, make up or looks should I go when I attend events.


Look! our early christmas gifts from HAIRCO specially prepared for us and our hair! thanks a lot!

I would like to thank, Mr. Raymond Choon; owner of hairco salon. I totally learned a lot of things about him that day. From ABC-D and you don’t cut your face but your hair. Though, I guess no one can still make me change my mind to cut off my hair for a change haha. I’ve been living my whole life with this kind of long straight hair and I am loving it every single day.

Well, HAIRCO can some how help me style it anyway so that is just a relief on my side. It was a super girly day for me which doesn’t happen most of the time. Thanks to every one who’s behind this, you girls know who you are. Thanks to everyone!


Don’t forget to grab their promotion this festive season ok? I would love to see your hairdo! hashtag #myhairco or tag and CLICK ME to follow them on Instagram. CLICK ME to like their FB page. Book yours in advance as well.

Till next time girlies! Happy holidays! Enjoy your precious time with the people you love! x0~ jane

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