Food Trip at Jalan Alor – KL, Malaysia












Alor Road is an entire street dedicated to cheap hawker food of mainly local Chinese cuisines. Located within walking proximity of Bintang Walk, it is popular among the locals for offering food served in a traditional open-air atmosphere, with chairs and tables dotting the curbs and road-sides. This is a place burgeoning with activity both during night and day. While some hawkers erect stalls along curbs, others operate food stalls from utilitarian restaurants. The food served in local hawker stalls is generally cleaner than their counterparts in Malaysia’s less-developed neighbouring countries.

if you guys are following my social media accounts (all @tauyanm) you’ll know that my family, friends and I always go to Jalan Alor. This is a must see place and experience if you are planning to come here in Malaysia for vacation! So many tourists come here just to take picture and of course! Eat all different kinds of foods you would like in one table!

Foods are all mix from Thai, Chinese, Malaysian foods and so on! Name it! Also another thing I discovered here is the best Coconut ice cream ever! I can just eat that ice cream every day, every after meal! I will be blogging about that Ice Cream separately next time so watch out for that guys!  This street is amazing! I love how i can buy cheap fruits too before I can go home. Also you can buy grilled seafoods to take away or pure coconut juice or sugar cane!

When ever we come to this place we always have fried rice, spring rolls, baby kailan, sambal kangkong, char kuey teow, different meats from pork, beef, chicken, seafoods, they even sell frog or something like that, which I don’t even wanna try, but you can try it yourself haha Don’t forget Chilli Crab too! Of course I always order fresh coconut juice which is so refreshing and so yummy!

Also don’t worry if you already planned to come in Jalan Alor and it is raining because they are all ready with huge – big umbrellas just for you! Unless of course the rain is super strong with wind then better don’t go. But We’ve been there done that, most of the time we go there and it is raining but it always turns out nice, As long as you have nice foods and and Super Cold Beer beside you!

Hope you guys like this post! I will be having more Jalan Alor related post in the future as I bring all of our friends there who come & visit malaysia hehe. Yeap! I can pass as a full time tour guide here in Malaysia and in Singapore haha. if you have any question, Just let me know in the comment box below!

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