AvenueK Food Adventure!

Hello loves! So as you all know, I’ve been to this amazing AK Food Adventure with all the amazing bloggers! Just think about 20 restaurants all located in one Shopping Mall with I think 45 bloggers, A-H-M-azing right! It was a fantastic event! and yeah, I was so brave walking in heels for the whole day and my friend JESSYTHEKLCHIC and I had to walk from AvenueK Mall to Suria KLCC mall to the A/C overpass to Pavillion for our Calvin Klein Prive’ Event!

It was Cuh-razy! I thought that was my cardio for the week plus, The uncle taxi driver infront of Pavillion was so freakin’ expensive man! Uncle wants 30RM *rolleyes* But then we went at the back and Got us a taxi using my ever trusted MYTEKSI recommended if you are here in KL. I should Probably Blog about this MYTEKSI ya? So yeah, We got a very nice uncle taxi driver and we only paid him like, I think around 7RM via meter! Uncle was  So cool he even gave advice to my friend on how to drive back to her place like which roads to take or something like that, I can’t relate coz I don’t drive hahaha .


1) So our 1st Stop was WONDERMAMA X – All the food was so good! And I bet you’re gonna love this place at their food servings are big! I can even share my plate to another friend of mine. I probably come back and try other foods they have. I only had their carbonara that morning which was very different from what my friends had. I did tried their foods too and it all tasted so good. Don’t you just like this nasi lemak that my friend JESSYTHEKLCHIC had? Their food pricing is around 14- 20Rm But to think the serving is Big so I guess The Price is just right.


2) Our 2nd stop was Marutama Ramen – We were so full after having a our first restaurant so Next was Ramen. The place didn’t allowed us to choose what we wanted to eat. Instead, We all had this Ramen, 3 had spicy and 3 not spicy. We can’t barely finish the whole bowl. But the eggs tasted amazing! It was my first time trying Ramen so I was like so excited to have this. Though my verdict is that their ramen is a bit salty for my liking, But the rest of the girls in my group said it is good. So I guess we all really have that different taste buds so I maybe you can just visit them and try.


3) Our 3rd Stop! Espressolab – This place is just heaven for coffee lovers and cake lovers! The filipino guy who served us the food was very nice. Of course we stayed there for like an hour  because we needed to charge our batteries plus they have free wifi! yay! Then it was time for instagramming! We just had a little of problem that time as the filipino guy was only gonna give us 2 coffees and 2 cakes for the 6 of us! It was crazy right? But we can’t blame him because it his managers who told him about that. but then he tried to talk to the manager that 6 people cannot share 2 coffees T___T .  The manager was maybe annoyed by us or just a really nice guy so he then treated us instead for cakes! yay! the manager was a bit camera shy as well hehe. Recommended to stay there and chill with your friends with the very nice barista and manager!


4) Next stop was Samba Brazillian –  This place is just amazing! So the food adventure was Saturday and the Samba Place have this Buffet every weekend! Aren’t we just too lucky that day? I guess they have 15 meats going around on each tables and i am not just sure if how many meats we’ve tried that day but what I can assure you is that we’re all full that we need to chill some more after eating few meats! We even had mocktails and other drinks I cannot recall anymore! yeah, We’re having mocktails in the afternoon haha. The Manager was amazing! He even invited us to go back at night for some brazillian show! Totally gonna back with my family and friends for a Christmas buffet!


5) Next is Wondermama Café – So yeah, they another one which is a bar, kinda like café for those who wants to just chill and catch up with friends. The place was busy when we arrived in the place and and it took quite some time before they can serve us our 2 orders which you can see above. But I really cannot blame them as there was many people that late afternoon. But the food verdict, Both tasted amazing and yummy! Not liking the drink though,


6) Next stop is Sushi box – For this one we just decided to take away the foods. We were entitled to get one so I got the crispy chicken sushi, Took photos of the place and asked the girl some information about the place. Such a nice friendly girl! Totally counts when you are in a restaurant.


7) Next is Maison D’ Lights Chocolatier – We were so amazed by the owner of this business. Such a young age with a super good business! I guess from now on I will be getting my 80% dark chocolates from him. All the good ness of chocolates and those cravings you can all find to his shop! Located at concourse floor in a push up cart in the middle opposite Krispy Kreme.


8) Next is Simply’D – Can I just say that this place is the most prepared one for the bloggers event! Even the whole crew working there was adorable and too nice! We’re kinda feeling guilty that they customers and they have to look after us first. The foods was amazing! We had some Salad, Pad Thai, Drinks and Slice of cake! yay! They even pack it very nice for take away which is so very nice of them! I recommend this place if you are having a chillax day with your friends! They are located next to H&M for guys.


9) Next, Krispy Kreme – I am so sorry to say this, But their donuts are so yummy and I totally love donuts! Their store is Totally ready for the festive season.In the Store, I was looking forward for one of the crew to ask us if what donuts we wanted but then the guy who’s working there, I think he’s making the donuts, He wasn’t that so nice to us Which is a bad side experience for me. I know we didn’t pay for the foods or their donuts, But at least smile or be nice while we were there. How can customers go back and buy your products again if the crew working there are not so friendly and not so nice at all? T___T I wanted a frozen themed donut for my daughter and then come back again if she wants some more but then he didn’t ask us and gave us the classic one T____T Not a big issue at all, but then being nice to customers is a big point!


10) Next is Presto Bakery – The girl who was there was a filipina and a very nice one! yay! 100 points for the “nice thing” ok? Well, We all had a scones and another bread I cant remember what do they call that but I tried both of the bread for my breakfast the next morning and surprisingly good and yummy! I love scones now with almond or cashew nuts. I guess the whole Presto people who works there are all very nice one lah! The guy even gave us Free Fresh pomagranate juice which is very refreshing! They even wanted to get slice of red velvet cakes they have! and they have mickey and minnie mouse for photo opportunity for bloggers! So very cute one! and such nice people! Nice people always counts okies hahaha.


11) Next is Tsukemen Izakaya – Oh my gosh! This place is very very very nice! It was my first time trying out this kind of japanese food where they prepared the foods noodles eggs veggies and all kinds of sauce which I cannot remember much of it because I was so full! But the favourite sauces were the sesame and soy sauce. The eggs they served with the noodles is amazing! Kinda like the egg we had with the Ramen in my previous photo above. Of course! nice people counts again! The girls who served the foods to us were very nice! They are filipinos as well. I had watermelon juice with cute heart!


12) Next is Délifrance – I had a super fun event with Delifrance, before this Food Adventure You can CLICK ME and read it! The thing with Delifrance is, The people working there from Manager, crew, every one of them recognizes us and they are totally sweet! Recommended as well if you want an open place like me to chill out with friends for long hours. Don’t forget to get your yummy foods in-advance or pre-order foods from them if you are having a party in the future!


13) Next is Upbeat health bar – Ah, This Place! So after having so much foods the whole day we went to a health bar which makes really good juices of your choice! Are you a health freak or gym junky? They serve protein shakes too! so refreshing after gym or after your shopping at Avenuek!


14) Last Stop Tokyo Pastry – We had to take away our tokyo pastry foods as well, we had one slice of cake of our choice and a healthy fresh squeezed juice in a bottle! The place is so cute and little like fancy looking! They are located just beside the mezzanine excalator opposite MUJI. I thought it was like so expensive to eat here with all the decorations they have! So chic and fancy and expensive looking place but totally on a budget!


My ever event blogger buddy JESSYTHEKLCHIC and I! Showing off our passports, Ready to eat for the whole day! woot! woot!


We actually had a group photos in every restaurants we went to but I thought I will just post this and the one below. The picture above, we have there the super sweet Jess. But then she had to leave, and then The girl who Joined our group next is Vickii! yay! Just figure it out yourself ok? if who’s who hehe So much laughs and fun having this group for the whole day of visiting food places and tasting different kinds of cuisine! Hope there another one!


There were 20 restaurants in our lists to visit that day, and we must visit at least 10 food places. Then we all agreed to go to these 14 places or probably try those food places which we really wanted to visit first. So we ended up 14 food places in AvenueK Shopping Mall Not bad eh! Other Restaurants we didn’t try are Fat Boy’s Burger Bar (Non-halal) – Johnny Rockets – Ayer’s Rock – Ah Cheng Laksa – Warisan Café  and Noodles Shack.

It’s not that we didn’t like the place I mentioned above. They must be really good food places too! Because we passed some of them and we saw lots of people like in warisan cafe and ah cheng laksa. I’ve been to Johnny rockets and i love it as well. Though we thought ayers rock, fat boys and johnny rockets have big servings and we won’t be able to finish them.

Well, I am just so lucky that I live walking distance to AvenueK mall and I can go back any time to try out those food places. if you guys are wondering about the prices and other informations about the restaurants, Don’t worry as I have so much photos to each one of them! I am gonna be blogging separate blogpost for each food places just so because they deserved a separate blogpost!

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