Unique Looks That You Can Wear to a Resort or Cruise Vacation

If you are getting ready to depart on a vacation or head out on a cruise, there are a few must have items that will create a comfortable and versatile wardrobe for your travels. These items are the ideal things to take along to ensure that you always have the perfect ensemble for whatever your journey entails.

what to wear in a resort or cruise vacation, sarong

One item that you should pack is a sarong. These uniquely multi-function garments are perfect for trips that may involve the beach, a pool, or lounging. These can be loosely tied around your waist for a quick cover-up for a swimsuit or to wear as a cute skirt. These also can be used in conjunction with a sarong clip or tie to create a halter-style dress that is perfect for cocktail parties or the captain’s dinner! There are so many beautiful prints, patterns, and colors available, including the new and clever smoked sarongs, which have a lovely batik feel. Don’t forget that a sarong makes a wonderful shawl or lap-throw, too, which will bring a bit of protection when the tropical breezes blow.

Another must have item is a pair of super-comfortable walking shoes. These will not only serve you well when hiking, biking, or exploring new regions, but they also will be needed if you plan to spend any time at on-site spas or gyms. Some fitness centers may require that those participating wear athletic shoes, so it is prudent to be sure these are packed in your suitcase. Choose a pair that look great with your favorite shorts, jeans, or mini-skirts for a casual ensemble that will fit in well with vacation activities and destinations.

You may not think to bring a pair of comfortable slippers or cozy socks, but you don’t want to leave these at home during your journey. Many climate-controlled settings, such as the cabin on a cruise ship, can seem chilly after a long day in the sun. Warm up with your favorite socks or slippers so you are snug and warm while on your vacation.

These simple items are essentials that should not be left behind when heading out on your trip. The versatility and utility are clear, which makes these perfect travel items for your next vacation.

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