A Step By Step Guide on How to Use WEAR App with photos

Hello loves! As Promised this is the step by step guide on how to use my newest and favourite WEAR App. Hope you guys can read and see all the photos of my previous post about it and see how millions of people love this all over Asia! If you already have an account then Congratulations! Hope you can follow me too @tauyanm or Scan the Barcode on my photo below for an easy access and fastest way to find my profile on WEAR App.

I am very proud to announce to all of you, if you haven’t heard about it yet, That I am the very First Winner of the Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week Wearista Style Icon 2014 Award! Thank you all so much for the support! More updates on my IG/twitter/FB: @tauyanm

Just carefully follow my steps below and enjoy it! Hope I can see you on WEAR App! pls. comment and say Hi 😉

how to WEAR app


1) Go to your smartphone Application where you download apps. Search WEAR and find their Logo as shown above and download it.


2) When you are done downloading the WEAR App, Click Open then it will lead you to this photo above.


3) Choose how ever you want to be logged in to WEAR App. Mine is through my Email but you can logged in very easy using other social media as see above.


4) Fill-up your profile and and upload your very nice photo and banner or header for more attraction and more good looking profile 😉


5) After filling up your profile with information about you, photo and banner/header, Click Your name to go in your main profile. Mine is both @tauyanm / tauyanm as you can see. Coz apparently it won’t search your WEAR App ID but your Main Name. and I am known as @tauyanm rather than my real name.


6) So after clicking it, This is my main profile(w/o banner/header) You can now start uploading your ootd’s or different looks by Clicking the “Post a Look” Tab in the middle of your profile as you can see on my photo above.


7) After clicking the “Post a Look” tab your phone will open your camera roll then choose the picture or ootd you want to upload.


8) Crop the photo you chose earlier and make sure that you can see your head to toe for a much better looking ootd looks then Click USE.


8) Now I have my cropped photo as you can see above. I always take my ootd on my white background wall inside your master bedroom.


9) Then, scroll down click to add a item or category or brand to your “closet”. Also add some styling tips and some hashtags too so other people can notice and see you when someone search for a particular hashtags.


10) Here after clicking the Add new Item by Category, Choose what Item you want to add it is either shoes, clothes, accessories, etc.


11) Here I chose and Click shoes, Then it will choose what kind of shoes you want to add. I chose pumps on my mine.


12) Now type what brand what it is, choose or what ever Item you have chosen to add. Usually it will show what brand or it will suggest the brands but if like mine, It doesn’t show or suggest anything just Click NEXT.


13) Then Choose what colour of the item you are adding to your closet.


14) Usually the Model Information or Your Information is all ready to go, If you are finished and done filling up your main Profile so no need to do something with it. You can now click Preview to see how it looks. SLIDE the button to show public it you want to show it to public or let it private if you want to publish or make it public later on. You can edit the photos again even when you publish it so Don’t worry with anything. Now Click UPLOAD.


15) Also on the left hand side you can see a small box click it and you will the calendar on when you updated your looks on a black coloured circle. Usually I upload looks everyday, But then sometimes I am so busy I can forget things like this hahaha.


You can now explore and meet new other fashionable people and see their looks, ootd’s or coordinates. You will receive notifications if someone commented, follow or save or suggest your looks on WEAR App. Also this is your chance to meet other fashionable people in ASIA! Be Inspired too as you can search what kind of clothing you want to wear for today! Like if it is how to style or wear a red tshirt, you can type and search it and all the things with tags or hashtags red tshirt will come up and you can see how people wear it!




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