Toshiba Convention 2014: Smart Technology. Smart Future

Toshiba Convention 2014 was held last Friday Oct. 10 at Resorts World Genting. It was such a very interesting event for me and for sure the same way as my other co-bloggers who were there with me, Enjoying all the new Smart Technology inside the Convention Centre. Of course! Don’t forget the very nice view on our way up there! It was lovely! Every one was so excited as we were inside the Bus! Feels like some kids going for a school trip!

Toshiba proudly present their latest products in the Audio Visual and Home Appliance section. The new products reflect the ” Leading Innovation” Philisophy of Toshiba. The Theme for the Convention this year was ” Smart Technology. Smart Future”.

The real purpose behind the theme is that toshiba can offer consumers a whole range of modern and exciting Audio Visual and Home appliances that makes a home with all the modern conveniences and comforts people would desire.

Scroll down below to see more photos/videos and information about Toshiba! Please watch the Youtube Video too! =)

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The Press Conference started with a great speech by the Managing Director of Toshiba Sales and Services Sdn Bhd, Mr. Hitoshi Katayama.

toshiba, smart future, malaysia bloggers, nuffnang,

toshiba, smart future, malaysia bloggers, nuffnang,

toshiba, smart future, malaysia bloggers, nuffnang,

toshiba, smart future, malaysia bloggers, nuffnang,

You won’t believe how amazing is this Toshiba Pro theatre L9450 Series. Toshiba’s second generation Ultra HD 4K TV with Android that offers excellent picture quality on a big screen! You can watch your favourite movies, sports, photos and have fun with your  favourite video game come alive on the larger than life screen.

  • Four times the resolution of Full HD TVs, viewers will experience a new intensity in picture quality.
  • Video Format retains stunning picture quality regardless of screen size.
  • Toshiba Ultra 4k TV combined with a wide colour gamut Ultra HD 4K panel.
  • Third Generation CEVO 4K engine
  • Get an incredible 3840 x 2160 pixels with breath taking picture quality.

Models available are 84L9450, 65L9450, 50L9450 and are available in 84″, 65″ and 50″ respectively. Well, I had fun looking at this huge larger than life TV when I was there even my friend at jqlee enjoyed her a bit of a video game that time! Gosh! She is a lucky girl! I thought my husband would love this huge life size TV in our new home! Will keep this in mind and maybe one day, I can have it as well haha

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Next stop is the Air-Conditioner that promises truly superior air quality. Toshiba’s new Split type air-conditioner, called Premium Eco Touch, fulfills these lofty aims admirably.

  • Comes in two models the inverter series and the  Fixed Cooling Series (w/o inverter).
  • It features a DC Twin- Rotary Compressor,
  • DC Hybrid Inverter System
  • Toshiba IAQ Filter
  • Air Ionizer
  • Premium Eco Touch air Conditioner
  • Anti- bacteria and anti- virus

Was thinking that this models from toshiba are the perfect fit to use in our home and to your home too! It is indeed eco friendly, and filters the polluted air we have into a pure refreshing air. Good news for the moms out there too! Toshiba Premium Eco Touch air conditioner comes with a self cleaning function which is designed to reduce humidity that causes mould to form inside.

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Next stop is the amazing Convection Microwave Oven. Models on my photo above are Left: ER-H8MS 30L ~~ Right: ER-GD400MS 31L

ER-H8MS model: Dimensions: WxDxH 495x442x360

  • Stone Oven
  • 250c Super heated steal
  • 1-IR Infrared Sensor
  • 29 Auto Cook Menu
  • Perfect Temperature Control
  • Auto Defrost
  • Increased Steam Volume

ER-GD400MS: Dimensions: WxDxH 500x479x398

  • Dome Oven
  • Stone Oven Quick Heating
  • 350c Super heated steam
  • 8-IR infrared sensor
  • 40 auto cook menu
  • Perfect Temperature Control
  • Increase Steam Volume

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Next is Digital Rice Cookers. A 44mm thick pot with an ultra-efficient surrounding heating system conducts heat effectively. The pots circular base is angled at an ideal 60 and this, with the thickness of the pot, generates strong heat convection and cooks your food quickly and evenly. A triple heater heats the inner pot from the bottom, side and top to evenly transit heat for perfectly cooked meals.

Just look how much yummy foods can you cook inside this digital rice cookers! Not just rice but a lot of recipes indeed!

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Do you get frustrated when you think vacuum cleaner is too heavy to carry around? Which you may experience muscular pain after cleaning or complicated process to dispose of dust. Toshiba dual tornado system vacuum cleaner now provides you a better cleaning solution.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Convenient Handle Control
  • High Efficiency Pleat Filter
  • Slim and compact design
  • Revolving floor brush
  • Transparent dust cup
  • multi functional floor brush

I should probably include this vacuum on my christmas list! It got what it takes to be in my everyday home gadget to help me clean my home!

toshiba, smart future, malaysia bloggers, nuffnang,

toshiba, smart future, malaysia bloggers, nuffnang,

Toshiba Inverter Multi-Door Refrigerator! Well-organized design and great energy saving features that suits your needs the best. This multi door refrigerator is designed to suit your lifestyle. It consists multiple compartments fro storage, making it easier for you to sort and find products. This will also enable you to reduce food wastage and consume food smartly.

  • Independent Ice Room
  • Functional Room
  • Sliding tray
  • Deep drawer
  • Its  got Twin cooling system

This is the other thing that will make it to my lists! Isn’t it amazing how you can store your food just like the way you want it? Best for those healthy lifestyles and mothers who loves to cook too! This is such a fun way to enjoy cooking while reducing food wastage.

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Now here is the product which all mommies need in their life! Hygiene Wash with Magic Drum S-DD Inverter. Effect and Mechanism of Magic Drum. Silent is Beautiful Cleaner and fresher clothes! Magic Drum or Tub,  is able to repel repel and grime effectively as it comes with a dirt proof coating. This will result in much cleaner and fresher clothes which will be appreciated b those with sensitive skin such as elderly and babies.

  • Magic Drum
  • mega Power Wash
  • zero standby power
  • fragrance course
  • condensed bubble wash
  • tub cleaning

Other features that you will love to read is, It’s got a Safety Lid Lock and Safety Child Proof. So you are not always worried that your something bad will happen as this washing machine is really huge. This special feature is very helpful to all of the mommies!

toshiba, smart future, malaysia bloggers, nuffnang,

Our very lucky girl here Won her own TV! Congrats Girl! Let’s pop the popcorn and start that movie marathon ya!

toshiba, smart future, malaysia bloggers, nuffnang,

Would like to thanks Nuffnang for tagging me in to this wonderful event! Totally had so much fun and learn a lot of new things about Smart Technology from Toshiba. Who said that only love new techy gadgets? Girls love it too! and we totally enjoyed every minute of it! Having to see this new generation of Smart Technology made me think how does it look like in the near 2020? New technologies, New Gadgets and home appliances are almost multi- tasking now and it just mean it! It is too good to be true that to think back in the days, I cannot even imagine things can happen like this fast. But I am sure every one is loving it.

And before I finish this post. Please give some time to watch this really nice videos below and it will totally melt your heart. 😉

Hope you like this quick post I wrote for you guys! Have a nice day! x0~ jane


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