My Top 5 Must-Have Travel Essentials

Any one wants to go with me on my next Getaway? I wanted to be in a beach lying on the sand or lay down on a hammock feel the breeze and hear the swaying trees and the ocean waves. Sounds so dreamy but It does happen in real life. I’m just wishing that it is time for another holiday for me and my family too!

Well, I would like to share with you guys my must-have Travel Essentials or a my must-have things when I go travelling with my family. This suggestion is for my opinion only. For a mommy on the go, for a blogger and a full-time housewife these things are a must to have and I bet you guys have it too!


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I cannot live without these things right now. I do list all my tasks to both of my Ipad and Iphone. As  a mommy-wife and a blogger on the go, I need to have all the things listed properly. I do a lot of things and trying to do most of them at the same time. So having my tasks to my ipad and iphone I can always check what to do next or have my alarm on to something I needed to do in that Particular Time.


powerbank lazada

No more low battery when you are on the go! This is the new thing you must-have when travelling! Powerbank is a must to have now! I can’t even go out of the house without my own powerbank. It did save me many times when I am stuck in the traffic or on a road trip. It is even useful when you go to the beach lying on the sand with all the battery and power you need for you iphone and ipod touch!


canon,  must-have, travel essentials

Of course! You don’t wanna miss anything from your trip! Those happy smiles and laughs you see a hear from your kids or friends. Capture those memorable moments and keep them forever. I am currently using Canon 600D  or Rebelt3i. I am planning to get a point and shoot camera too in the future or a gopro to get those amazing shots underwater too!


luggages, pink, must-have, travel essentials

The most important thing for me is to stay fashionable when ever I travel. A must to have are these amazing collection of bags and luggages  I would always love to have bags with colours when I travel so I can always noticed them even at night or don’t forget it when I ride trains or buses. Color black bags and luggages or wallets are what most people choose but coloured black things are the ones whom we always don’t see and notice specially at night time.



I can’t live without water. I always have my water bottle when ever I go. I always make sure that I carry my water bottle to stay hydrated. It is good for your skin and for your body as well. I’ve been there done that. Many times that I am always feel so thirsty specially when I go out window shopping haha. I walk a lot and I prefer drinking water than buying soda’s or rather than waste my time trying to find a place to get a water. It is very helpful too when ever you go out with your kids.

and the list go on… Another one I would like to add which is a must is a handy small or hanging flashlight on your bag/s for those emergencies that you need light or when you are in a dark places walking in the streets or when you need a light when you can’t find something inside your bags, a flashlight is very handy to have when travelling.

When was the last time you had a vacation and relax and just chill the whole day and night? What are the places you would like to visit in the future? Any recommendations of your must have things when travelling? Any memorable places you would like to recommend for me? Please do drop a comment below! I would love to read them and we’ll see! Have a nice day! all! x0~ Jane 😉

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