Wood Watches By JORD – Finest Hand-Crafted All-Natural Wooden Watches

What if we could create watches made from diverse woods from all over the world? What if we could combine various grains and their natural colors to create a line of watches that ensures every watch is truly unique?
That was the night JORD was born…

What does JORD means?

JORD- (Swedish) – earth, soil, land

Scroll down to see the photos and the unboxing video of my newest Fave Watch! =) Enjoy!


wood watches by jord, malaysia blogger, review
wood watches by jord, malaysia blogger, review
wood watches by jord, malaysia blogger, review
wood watches by jord, malaysia blogger, review
wood watches by jord, malaysia blogger, review
wood watches by jord, malaysia blogger, review
wood watches by jord, malaysia blogger, review
wood watches by jord, malaysia blogger, review

I received this amazing Wood Watch by JORD couple of weeks ago, So sorry for not sharing it with you guys as soon as possible. I was so busy then, that I only find the right time to blog about it just now.

My First Impression after I opened the box, is just a big WOW. Even now that I put it beside my table every time I have a look at it or even just a glance, I still feel good and feel so lucky for having it. When was the last time you’ve seen a watch like this? Every one is wearing the plastic bands or metal ones. But this will be a good talk of the town having the uniqueness of its colours, how it is made and the story of it is just incredible to know.

“Since that time, we have become obsessed with using natural materials to offer a unique fashion flare. Our wood watches are one of a kind, premium quality time pieces, hand-crafted with sustainable materials from all over the world.” -Wood Watch by JORD

Do you agree on how this watch looks so unique and one of a kind compare to others? In our new generation most of the things we see is either plastic, metal and sort of anything looks cool with all the blings and coloured wraps around those watches. But JORD watches looks so different makes it more interesting to any one who wears it. Some one who’s got taste, Some one who knows how to be interesting and stand out and face the world with more confidence.

You are just so lucky that Wood Watches by JORD is both for men and women! Perfect for every one to wear! Thinking of getting one for my husband too so we can pair up! He totally likes it! He said that JORD wood watches would look so good if he wears them to his meetings! Conversation Starter indeed! =)

So from now on, you will be seeing more of this Wood Watch by JORD to all of my Outfit post or #OOTD post.  I am so excited to post all of my outfits wearing this watch this October so please come back and visit again!

Do you have your own Wood Watch by JORD? Then don’t forget to hashtag #JORDWATCH to all of your social media to spread the word. Wood Watch by Jord would love to see all your photos!

Show your Jord Wood Watch in the wild and get featured on their site. Earn a chance at some awesome monthly prizes along the way…

Don’t have one? What are you waiting for? CLICK ME to go to their official website and choose the best Wood Watch by JORD that fits your personality! It will be delivered safe straight to your house in no time! We can’t wait to see it!

Don’t forget that Christmas is near too! This is the best and unique gift you can give to your boyfriend/GF, husband/wife, brother/sister, uncle/auntie, grandpa/grandma and any one you can think of! Well of course it is best to Buy it for yourself as a Gift too!

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