Make Do and Mend! Learn to Repair Almost Anything with Online Video’s

Do-it-yourself was once a chic notion for those who thought it would ‘be fun’ to channel the expertise of various house-related artisans. The ‘you won’t believe what happens next!’ was a welcome laugh regarding the expected blunders of homeowners who tried to do expensive things in efficient yet in-house ways.


Today, ‘cutting corners’ is a welcomed literal and metaphorical notion waxed by homeowners who seek ways to save money on expensive home-related needs. If the refrigerator stops working, you could blindly accept a 0 bill from a repairperson or you could try to exclude the middleman by watching online resources that help you do-it-yourself.

That’s Expensive!

Have you done something ‘in house’ rather than relied on a service provider? Consider the money saved when investing in a washer and dryer versus continuously paying a vendor or more per wash!

Products are expensive, but what some homeowners are shocked to understand is that maintenance and repairs are comparatively priced. Repairing a major home appliance can get incredibly expensive and hiring ‘experts’ for landscaping, basic electric repairs, and painting needs gets pricy. Why hire others to do something you could (technically) do yourself? Stop saying, “that’s expensive!” Start asking: “Can I do that?”

Safety First

Of course, the notion of saving hundreds to thousands of dollars sounds tempting no matter what the cost, but you can’t place a price on health. Before you attempt to do any home-related projects by yourself (or place a spouse in potential danger too!), consider the level of safety required. Don’t let self pride or dollars and cents come before you or a loved one’s safety.

While you can find loads of online videos related to home repair, and then use a YTD to view on a device of choice (Download and then convert videos to watch on your mobile phone.), be sure investing in necessary equipment and the risk of safety is a sounder choice than investing in a professional. Always remember to respect intellectual property with video downloads.

Search Novice to Almost Expert

YouTube and similar search engines locate information according to name brand, type of business, do-it-yourself personalities, etc. Some professionals and providers host respective YouTube ‘channels’ giving advice and guidance about home projects. If unfamiliar with using the Web, ask a librarian or family member for help. Such guidance is especially helpful for elders who may remember how to fix things but too intimidated to use the Web as an initial tool of information.

Auto-Matic Response

We’re conditioned to think of getting a professional when it comes to a number of things we can (at least) attempt on our own. Keeping in mind the cautious sentiments regarding safety, don’t be automatically dependent on the help of others. For example, a number of weekend-mechanics save hundreds of dollars learning how to address basic car needs such as changing the oil.

Make a list of car and home-related repair costs of the past, and then consider making arrangements for the future. Depending on exact project and related needs, families could save thousands of dollars per year by investing as little as a few hours learning online free.

Home Design

In addition to home repair, save thousands on home design, learning how to paint, sculpt, or create a number of artsy home implements. Considering high-end decorative stores charge an upward of $500 for basic prints, a novice artist could create something of sentimental and aesthetic value in exchange for a few hours of time and less than $100 in supplies.

Placing a twist on the home design sentiment, consider building an office and an added stream of income into the home. Watch online videos related to carpentry and basic construction to erect a home office in the backyard, replete with interior heating/cooling, electrical outlets, and adjacent porch. It can help add immediate revenue and real estate value to the property.

Computer Literate

A decade ago, it was safe to assume most households had a television set. Today, it’s estimated that a majority of homes own a computer or mobile device. Daily use places stress on machines that eventually need attention. However, calling the ‘geek squad’ grows costly, with some services charging an excess of $100 per hour for help.

Becoming computer literate saves money on maintenance costs. Also, growing curious about copywriting, web design, and computer coding, affords the ability to seek extra streams of income as a freelance specialist. It costs hundreds of dollars to learn computer design via a certified program, yet you can learn core skills and more by viewing free online videos.

Margo Clayton is a DIY guru. Whether she’s tinkering with her television, changing her car’s oil, or seeing to a leaky pipe, she loves taking care of things herself.

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