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Wazzup loves! Another giveaway for you today! Now you guys need to read the important bits so you won’t miss anything ok? I need to reach or have at least 50 participants, or more to unlock or to have this giveaway active so Oasap.com will release the prize and in order to have a winner after 8 days only! So make sure you’ll share this blogpost to your friends and all your social media to earn more participants and so we won’t waste any of our precious time doing the entries at the rafflecopter below.

This Giveaway is Open International.
Only one winner after 8 days.
The winner will choose only 1 dress on the photo above.
I need at least 50 participants in 8 days! in order to unlock the prize. No 50 people joining or commenting below with their information no giveaway too.

Start earning your entries below via rafflecopter! Don’t forget to share it with your friends!
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    1. congratulations Christina Popescu! You’ve won my Oasap Giveaway! pls click here https://www.facebook.com/tauyanm and message me your Full Name – Full Shipping Address – Phone number and also your chosen dress from Oasap.com choose one below:

      (1)Eye Sleeveless Dress


      (2)Paneled Houndstooth A-line Dress


      (3)Ruffled Sleeveless Chiffon Dress


      (4)Vintage Jacquard Sleeveless Dress


      (5)Black Cut Out Mini Dress


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