Must Try Dishes in Ibiza

As a world-famous holiday destination, it’s unsurprising that there are many reasons why people travel to this bustling island throughout the year. Ibiza is a one of a kind vacation resort that is perfect for those who want to achieve a fun, exciting, and memorable holiday break. Part of Ibiza’s appeal is the selection of quality restaurants dotted throughout the island, serving great food made of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. With this in mind, I have listed below a selection of dishes for you to look out for while you enjoy your stay on the island.

Borrida de Rajada

For a dish that showcases the availability of fresh fish on offer in Ibiza, you need look no further than Borrida de Rajada, a meal that contains filleted sake usually sourced straight from the boat. This fish is complemented with a marinade of salt and lemon, and finished off with a topping of sliced and fried potato. Completing the dish, a mix of garlic, fried onions, saffron, parsley and almonds are spread over to finish it off.

Sofrit Pages

This dish is connected to the islands and is often described as “ibicenco,” meaning belonging to Ibiza.

Sofrit Pages is comprised of a mix of mildly spiced lamb, chicken and pork, together with locally-sourced sausages such as “Butifarra,” a staple of Catalan cuisine, and “Sobresada,” a classic Balearic sausage. This is all topped off with a sauce of peppers, potatoes and sweet cloves of garlic, and lightly fried with parsley, saffron and cinnamon.


On the subject of desserts, no Ibizan meal is complete without Greixonera, a cinnamon flavoured bread pudding named after the flat dish it is cooked in. This can be found in most traditional restaurants on the island as well as bakeries.

The Ibiza Experience

These selected meals are just the start of what Ibiza’s restaurants have to offer. Wherever you eat, you’re likely to be served fresh ingredients from local suppliers. Enjoy a meal that both captures the essence of Ibiza and enhances your Ibiza experience.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Ibiza. Maybe one day! I’ve been to Madrid, the surrounding area, and up in Basque territory. Such a wonderful country.

  2. The food looks amazing. I would love to visit Ibiza if i ever get a chance. I have never been to Spain.

  3. I would love to visit Ibiza one day. These dishes sound amazing and I love how you made us almost taste them with your great description.

  4. I went to Spain a few years back but never got the chance to visit Ibiza. Those dishes look amazing!! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to finally go.

  5. The Borrida de Rajada sounds so incredibly fresh. I love fish and I hope I can eat there on an incredible vacay sometime.

  6. I’ve traveled pretty extensively but have never been to Ibiza, it’s definitely on my bucket list. Food looks amazing!

  7. I sure would want to have a relaxing time at Ibiza. This dishes would a good way to start the tour of Ibiza.

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