Every Handbag has a Story

The indispensable handbag may at first glance seem like a purely decorative piece of a woman’s clothing and accessories ensemble, but there is so much more to it than looks alone. Hidden beneath the sleek straps, brilliant buckles, and stylishly zippered pockets are trinkets and personal belongings that divulge subtle clues about a woman’s life. Every handbag is unique and has its own story to tell, which is why women love them so much.


Although a woman’s handbag is inherently secretive and equally mysterious, there are a few practical items that almost every woman carries in her convenient handbag on any given day. Lotions, lip gloss, credit cards, cellular phones, and loose change are just a few of the items that make their home within the fashionable confines of the average woman’s handbag. Without these items a woman’s skin and lips would become dry, she would not be able to pay for everyday necessities, and she would not be able to communicate with her loved ones. So you see, a handbag is actually a very useful and even necessary accessory in today’s fast-paced world.

Not Just a Modern-Day Convenience

Although most people tend to think of handbags as modern-day conveniences, the handbag has actually enjoyed a long and useful history. Just as each handbag has its own story, handbags in general have a long and unexpected story to tell, and it starts with a surprisingly humble and not-so-stylish beginning. Keep reading to learn more about the startling origins of the modern-day handbag.

The History of the Handbag | lou lou boutiques Infographic
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