The must-have Terminus Functional and Creative Bags are finally here!

Last Saturday, August 30, 2014. I had a chance to witness one of the most versatile bag and luggages I’ve ever seen! Any guesses? Well, The Brand is called Terminus –  Which is carefully crafted to ful-fill the main 5 f’s we all need in a bag! Functionality, Uniquely formed, Fun and Feels good! That will make you realise how good Terminus Bags and luggages are! Plus they are fashionable too! Some transforms and change colours to adapt the colours of your outfit! Each bags is designed to make everybody satisfied.

More information below! Scroll down to enjoy the photos and videos!

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I am just very lucky to be invited to go to this event and experience the award winning -world’s local brand that does exactly what any type or kind of people really need in their everyday life.  They have all type of bags that I can think of and Never seen before! Please excuse, the other bags/luggages brands but Terminus Bag Is indeed one of a kind! Referring to design, technology, versatility! Can you imagine travelling using a Transformer Luggage? Well, well, Watch the video below to see Mr. Liew Bin Demonstrating different bags from their current collection! Spot the Transformer Bag!

terminus bag, malaysia blogger

We are just so lucky to be there in the event and see with our own eyes the Founder and CEO Mr. Liew Bin demonstrating different bags. All of us was so amazed how these bags and luggages can be so lightweight and does everything we all needed! You just needed to visit their store and see the collections yourself! I am sure there is bags and luggages for everyone! For students, for travellers, for backpacker, for jalan jalan, for sleepy people like me too! =D

terminus bag, malaysia blogger

You will be amaze with the other bags too like this Bright Tote Bag! that has its own led light to see what you need if you are in the car park or somewhere dark! When you open your bag it turns on automatically! I guess this is the must have bag for our auntie’s, mother, and people who goes to the office and arrive home at night! Just perfect for travelling too! The led light probably last for a year according to Mr. Liew Bin then maybe you can change it to the store or find one near you!

terminus bag, malaysia blogger
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One of my favourite things I found in Terminus Collection is their Pillow Case or Laptop Bag! They have a big one that Mr. Liew Bin is hugging on top of the previous photos or picture below with jessy. and I am holding the Pillow Cutie Pac! You can fit anything in the Big one and you can fit your Tablet, Ipad and Net/notebook inside. Plus you can bring it anywhere too! Or choose the big Pillow one to bring the whole bunch and get the sling and your ready to go!

terminus bag, malaysia blogger

It was so nice meeting every one there! Specially nice seeing these lovely ladies above modelling each of our favourite Terminus Bags! and other girls too whom I’ve met in the previous events and became good friends. Thanks to all the Terminus Staffs!

See how Fashionable the bags are? They all come in different colours fit for everyone! One of the things I noticed are the super affordable prices of these bags! Well, I can say why not support the award winning -world’s local brand we have here in Malaysia, Compare to the other brands. I’ m telling ya! it’s all worth the money and perfect if you are in a budget! Totally eye-ing for that Pillow Bag! then I can just sleep anywhere with all my important things safe with me.

Visit their site! WEBSITE: ~~ Facebook 

Visit their shop at 1utama shopping center Lot S213A, 2nd Floor, New Wing

Please have some time to watch Mr. Liew Bin in action demonstrating their current bag collections below! CLICK ME to subscribe! So Sorry my hand is too shaky in this video haha

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  1. The bags looks sturdy and the designs are stylish at least for me. Do we have that brand here in the Philippines?

  2. those pillow bags are indeed functional (albeit being too big!) thanks for sharing! i hope we had a store like this in our country!

  3. So many bags!!! I see a few that I would love to have, especially knowing how functional they really are.

  4. Nice! I dunno if they’re already here in the Philippines, but I’m definitely shopping in their store if they open here. I love anything related to travel!

  5. I would love to shop here. Terminus bags and luggage are so cool. I love the pillow case bags. Thanks for sharing.

  6. They have all the type of bags here. This would be such a nice place to shop with all the choices you get.

  7. It does sound like a good product and concept. I always have such a hard time picking which bag(s) to travel with!

  8. Waaa I also want one! This bag concept is so cool. I wonder if there are plans of the brand expanding here in Manila. 😐

  9. So many bags to look at! It’s crazy to thing a simple concept of a bag can take so many forms and functions!

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